Last night I tagged along with Chris Bro to a place called the Living Room on Ludlow St. in New York City.   It was everything I love about New York.  I’ve said before that on any night you can walk into any given bar in the city and be blown away by a live artist you see.  Last night was one of those nights.  When you walk into the back room of The Living Room you quickly learn why it has it’s namesake.  The Living Room is a great cozy place to sit down, have a drink, and enjoy good music.  The sound is excellent, and so is the atmosphere and of course the drinks.  Chris and I sat at a table near the stage and took in my new favorite singer song writer.  Her name is Meiko and I’m in love.  Not only is she easy on the eyes but she has a sweetness and innocence about her that is incredibly endearing.  Be careful though and don’t be fooled by her sweetness as she can lyrically jab as good as anyone.  It seems she’s been hurt before, although I can’t imagine why, and armed with her acoustic guitar and and a lovely voice she exacts her revenge. She was born in Georgia and now resides in LA so she’s a southern bell with a big city attitude. Unfortunately for me she has a new boyfriend, who she says is not an asshole so she played some new tunes about her experience with new love.  All of her songs have the same endearing and sweet qualities as she seems to have.  Her personal lyrics draw you in so you instantly feel connected.  If you haven’t heard of Meiko check her out you won’t be disappointed.


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