Got this recipe from to try and find some inspiration for a ravioli dish. I came across this one and saw some things that I wanted to tweak to make this more of a complete dish in my mind. One of which was frying the sage for a little color and texture to top the ravioli’s before serving (besides the fact that fried sage tastes amazing). I also added garlic because the fact that the recipe was absent of such an ingredient made me and little mad, for I am also a garlic freak (if you haven’t noticed). Find a place that packages freshly made ravioli because there really is nothing like fresh pasta. That’s pretty much it, the sauce comes together in like 10 minutes and the ravioli cooks until it floats then add it to the sauce and you’re done. Maybe takes 30 minutes total, including prep time. It’s kind of like a Rachel Ray recipe minus the 20 unnecessary ingredients you’ll find in her recipes, the stupid names and having to listen to her ridiculously annoying stories. And I’ll go out on a limb and say its just as good as her recipes and its about twice as easy to put together.

This is stupid easy. It’s so delicious. It’s super fast to prepare. Don’t be a coconut…make this now!

Click here to view the recipe for Mushroom Ravioli with Crispy Sage Brown Butter Cream Sauce on The Food Freak’s Blog!

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  • Made this as an appetizer last Thanksgiving. We each got like 3 or 4 raviolis but it was perfect, warm, nutty. Yummy!

    As for a place to buy them, I recommend Pastosa’s. (I write more about Pastosa’s in my eggplant parm recipe I’ll post this week). But they have 3 locations – Brooklyn, Bronx and Queens, though I’ve only been to the Bklyn location – and they have very good fresh made raviolis with various stuffings.

  • My purple sage is booming in the back yard (turns out it is a perennial), and this recipe sounds perfect.

    For a short time, I was lucky and could get decent fresh ravioli at The Iron Tomato in White Plains, but a change in ownership has left me in search of fresh raviolis in Westchester. I’ll find something……quickly.

    This sounds awesome.

  • Thanks guys! Yea, I’m spoiled, I know 5 places off the top of my head in the city around me where I can get fresh pasta. If I was still in Westchester, not sure where I’d be getting that goodness from…I’m sure you’ll sniff it out though!

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