So I’m here in Rhode Island, visiting my family, the last trip of the summer.  I’ve got my Del’s frozen lemonade (a must when you’re visiting RI in the summer!) and maybe tomorrow morning I’ll stop by Wright’s Dairy Farm & Bakery and pick up some freshly-made pastries to bring home for my husband.  Another item I like to get when I’m in RI for visits are pizza strips.  They are sold in bakeries and supermarkets, not in pizzerias.  They are long strips of pizza dough covered with lots of seasoned tomato sauce and topped with grated parmesan cheese, no mozzarella.  They can be eaten cold or room temperature, and I really haven’t seen these outside of RI (have you?) If you’re a pizza fanatic or a traditionalist, these may not be for you but it’s a tradition (a.k.a “RI thing”) for me.

Other than that, I have yet to find “good” pizza in RI – sorry, ZioPeppino, I know you worked for many years in a pizza shop.  But don’t take offense.  I am hard pressed to find good pizza in Westchester as well.  So I want to hear from you – best pizza in Westchester.  Let me know.   I have to say though, I’m kind of a pizza snob.  It’s not really my fault – I’m married to a guy who was born in the birthplace of the pizza margherita, Napoli!  I can be hard to impress, but try me.  Comment below with your favorite pizza parlor.  ~Cookie Mama

My husband's grilled can you understand why I can be a bit of a pizza snob?


  • Why thanks for the honorable mention. As for paying for pizza in Westchester, it would have to be Sabatinos in Hawthorne. Nice wood fired brick oven and fresh toppings.

  • sorry, but nonna’s is uh,…not good. it’s passable when you need pizza RIGHT THIS MINUTE! but if that is the case, I am going to just order dominos (oh, the horror!) I have given up the pizza search. just like I have given up the Mexican food and bbq search. Lou’s pizza is the best in westchester. hands down. but I would take Lou’s rec for the place in hawthorne. I just don’t want to drive to it. great posts, Li…erm….Cookie Mama!

  • dude.. soon. we are in house money pit/cleaning hell. it never ends. nom nom nom nom pizza… i am kinda embarassed about going to your house and eating pizza because the last time we were over, I didn’t stop eating the freaking pizza.

  • Another vote for Sal’s on FB. Haven’t tried it…

    Open it up to include NYC? Best Silician slice – anywhere – is L&B’s in Brooklyn. Don’t bother ordering their regular slice though…

  • Johnny’s Pizzeria in Mount Vernon is the best…forget about it!
    Best Sicilian pie is Joe’s pizza in Fleetwood. Frank Pepe’s just opened as well on Central Avenue which should be amazing, I’ve had it in New Haven…

  • I’ve seen Frank Pepe’s on the various food shows and I wasn’t impressed by the appearance of it. The mozz didin’t look it was fresh made as you will find in either Totonno’s of Coney Island (not the city ones) or Grimaldi’s under the Brooklyn Bridge. L&B’s Sicillian is not your ordinary super think crust square, its a sauce and cheese ecstacy!

  • Lou, I can agree that the city has much better pizza than Westchester but I can also vouch for Frank’s Pepe. I’ve eaten pizza in Naples and I’ve tried these pizza places with Neapolitan influence and they are pretty authentic. Granted I’ve eaten at Franks only twice, both times were very enjoyable. Its appearance is no different than what you’d find in Italy.

  • FF: When I first saw Frank’s in New Haven being shown on the Food Network, I was intrigued, but when I saw the cheese it looked like Polly-O mozz. Thats what threw me off. I love the way it was served and I’m willing to try and hope I’m wrong. I’m all for spreading authentic pizza no matter who makes it. Sorry cheese stuffed crust with pineapple toppings is not KOSHER.

    Speaking of Neapolitan influences, there is a joint in the city that needs to be tried; Kesta Pizza, the name is a neapolitan word that loosely translates to “This”.

  • While it was fresh in my mind, I did a google image search of both Frank’s and Grimaldi’s pizza and I’m still not impressed with the way it looks compared to Grimaldi’s or Totonno’s. We need a taste off, We go to one for lunch and the other for dinner, although Grimaldi’s is almost impossible to get into these days.

  • I almost forgot this was athread on pizza, After reading “Del’s” in that first sentence, I got all distracted and the words I was reading didn’t register for a while.

    I think Lisa is being unfair to RI pizza. It’s a different style (RI Pizza is pan pizza, not thin crust) and usually the sauce is sweeter (RI Italians tend to love a little shredded carrot in their sauce or “gravy.”) But you can get very good pizza at either Little John’s or Pizza King in Warwick. Some places add a sprinkle of grated parmesan over the top, and both of the places I mentioned give you a crisp crust. I had some just yesterday, and it never fails to disappoint.

    I’ve had both Pepe’s and Grimaldi’s, and I’m partial to Grimaldi’s. I like the simplicity of the fresh mozzerella and fresh basil, but a clam pizza at Pepe’s is very, very good.

    This summer, I’ve actually tried to perfect my own. Pizza stone, peel, etc. Some hits and misses, but there is progress. I’ll have to pick everybody’s brain sometime (like when my toppings slide off the pizza as I’m setting it on the stone, or when my dough is too flavorless). But another time…….great discussion.

    Oh, and my favorite in the area……Gino’s in Mahopac. I drive by at least five pizza places, and into the next county, to get my pizza from the best in this area.

  • @Sully: Dels!!!! The rest of the country,world don’t know what they are missing! The single BEST thing on a hot summer day!

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