How was this tune not all over the radio this summer? I love it. My kids love it. My wife loves it. Does that happen often in your life? I think not. This song has something. It’s fun. It’s cool. It sounds like Prince. The good Prince. The Prince you remember when someone mentions Prince. I know summer is almost over but c’mon you still have one beach run left in you right? Put this song on and enjoy the rest of your summer. Oh and there’s always next summer too.

Of Course if you a fan of Next, a NEXTer or BROther, then you have had this song in your head since March.
The Best of NEXT for March.

OK Go “White Knuckles” all I could find was a homemade version. You’ll still love this song.

and when mentioning OK Go you can not (not?) include their lastest masterpiece of a video

and the one that started it all and maybe still my favorite


  • Personally – I think they are decent band – but their success didn’t come from their music – it came from their video. And – maybe that’s the key here… peeps aren’t in love with their music – just their creative visuals – and the music happens to be secondary. Plus – if I recall correctly this before the summer they wanted to evade the big label route – and when you do that you lose mktg dollars and a powerfull infrastructure that places in the front of the line across all the media outlets…

  • Greg you are on to something there with “This Too Shall Pass” but “Here It Goes again” is just pure fun and “White Knuckles?” This song is just too catchy. Maybe there is a back lash from Clear Channel stations because they dropped their label but it’s just a shame. Just listen to that song. Damn it’s good and that is but one mans humble opinion.

  • Great Song. Great Band. And you could throw WTF in the mix (my favorite of off the recent album, and another cool video) and I think you are just extending the argument that they are an overlooked band. Much more talented than is generally recognized.

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