This recipe was supposed to be my very first post…but there were no good mussels to be found anywhere so I had to make some pasta. But now I got me some…and they are amazing. The mussels from Prince Edward Island in Canada are exceptional…big, meaty, plump and tender and somehow have the least amount of grit in them, which makes for a more pleasant eating experience. Best of all, P.E.I mussels, a top quality ingredient is $3-4 a pound. I buy 1 pound per person so a meal for two costs me $6 in mussels! That’s as inexpensive as it gets so take advantage of it. Make sure you try and get a piece of chorizo with every bite…its ridiculously delicious!

Click here to view the full recipe for P.E.I. Mussels w/ Chorizo and Crispy Oven Baked Fries with Sweet & Spicy Dipping Sauce on The Food Freak’s Blog!

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