Sorry for the lack of posts today I’ve been busy coming up with my mix CD for the happy hour tonight.  Yes I’ll be there and I’ll be happy to sign autographs but please no pictures.  If you’re single and a lady I’ll be glad to chat it up with you and maybe I’ll let you take me on a date.  Maybe.  Anyway being that it’s kind of a slow day I figured it’d be a good time for another installment of “When bad music happens to good artists”.  We all remember Jefferson Airplane for the classics like “Somebosy To Love” and “White Rabbit”.  We remember Grace Slick for being Courtney Love long before Courtney Love was Courtney Love.  Wait did you follow that?  Anyway what we try to forget about Jefferson Airplane is when they changed their name to Jefferson Starship and sang “We Built This City”.  Ouch that’s painful.


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