Well I can’t help but have a case of the Monday’s on this dreary, rainy, dark day so I started thinking about songs with the days of the week in them.  Today’s Ten Songs are Ten Songs that have the days of the week.  Enjoy!

10. Lynyrd Skynyrd – Tuesday’s Gone – I loved the usage of this in “Happy Gilmore”.  This song almost makes Tuesdays sadder than Mondays.

9. The Cure – Friday I’m In Love – Not the best Cure but halfway decent.  I remember seeing this video as a kid and trying to figure exactly what that guy’s deal was.  He names all of the days of the week in this one.

8. Stone Temple Pilots – Days Of The Week – Not the greatest STP song and Scott Wieland actually looks sober in this video.  Maybe that’s why it’s not their best song.

7. Mamas and The Papas – Monday Monday – If only Karen Carpenter had eaten Mama Cass’ ham sandwich they’d both be alive today.  I know it’s an old joke but hey still funny.  This is the guy that had sex with his daughter right?

6. New Order – Blue Monday – So I guess there are a lot more Monday songs than any other day but this is a good one. How does it feel? To treat me like you do?

5. Sam Cooke – Another Saturday Night – Here we go a Saturday song.  I know the feeling Sam I really do.  By the way is anyone doing anything Saturday? I’m free.

4. Elton John – Saturday Night’s All Right For Fighting – While Sam Cooke is looking for someone to hang with Elton John apparently likes to fight on Saturday.  I’ve never seen Elton John fight but I’m thinking I could kick his ass.  I’m just sayin’.  And yea I think that cuz he’s gay OK? So sue me.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that of course.

3. No Doubt – Sunday Morning – I always kind of liked No Doubt and who doesn’t like Gwen? Am I the only one who thinks Gavin totally cheats on her?  Wait a couple of years and Gavin Rossdale will be in the same dog house that Tiger Woods and Jesse James are in.  Trust me.

2. The Bangles – Manic Monday – Any excuse to put Susanna Hoff on the site is a good one.  Can someone please tell me what the difference is between a Bangle and a Bangal though?

1. U2 – Sunday Bloody Sunday – One of my favorites by U2.  This song makes me want to put my back put my back against the wall!


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