So Chris Bro turned me on to this article.  SIDE NOTE:  It’s not often I can say “Chris Bro turned me on”.  Anyway it’s a fun article about weird stock pictures that are out there.  Here are my thoughts on a few of the pictures in said article.  Who knows maybe this will become a regular thing a photo of the day type of deal.

I always thought Annie Lennox was a little weird but seriously wtf?!

Well that’s odd. They replaced the MTV logo with an American flag.

Is it me or does it look like Nancy Pelosi had sex with Anthony Kiedis?  Some of you might be asking yourself if that’s a guy or a girl.  I’m pretty good at picking this kind of stuff out and I’d say it’s a guy.  If you’re one of those people that asked yourself that question though you might want to play it safe and say it’s a guy anyway.  My rule of thumb is if you have to ask yourself if it’s a guy or a girl it’s probably a guy.

Crap I told my Mom not to leave old pictures of me lying around they could get mixed in with stuff.  Sorry just ignore this one.

Apparently this guy has the same plastic surgeon as Nancy Pelosi.  That’s right two Nancy Pelosi jokes in one post.  It’s just too easy.


  • If you look closely on the photo of the moon landing, you will see that the flag looks like its blowing, there is no wind on the moon. Also the shadow’s don’t fall where they should compared to the sun’s location, And the guy taking the picture doesn’t have a helmet on….. 😉

  • so out of all of these insane pictures you were able to focus on the shadows in the moon picture? Also how do you know if the guy taking the picture has a helmet on or not?

  • I jest, I don’t know about the helmet, I was making a rather outrageous claim based no nothing. I do that often! I was just picking what use to be a safe picture and bring up the conspiracy theory that has gotten popular lately, faking the moon landings.

  • There are a lot of people out there who believe the landings were fake. Come to think of it, why haven’t we been back and why is the next scheduled moon landing so far in the fu/ture? I don’t know myself. I’m more of a reverse engineering of alien technology type person.

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