Today’s video is for a song that I was absolutely obsessed with about a year ago.  It’s from an up and coming California band now working on their second album.  The band is called The Airborne Toxic Event and the song is called “Sometime Around Midnight”.  This is a brilliantly written song and I’m willing to go out on a limb and say one of the most well written songs in the last decade.  Of course there really haven’t been that many good songs this decade but hey you know what I mean.


  • I absolutely love this song! The lyrics are so amazing, the build-up both in the music and his tone, everything is just so right…

  • You’re welcome Dave. Yea it’s a great song and a wonderful album. Other songs I recommend by them are as follows

    Wishing Well

    and like I said anything off that album.

  • see them live too. they are amazing live. Shocked me how great they were. I was expecting good and got amazing.

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