I’m thinking of trying some weekly posts -  Mondays will feature “I Can Make It Better”, items you find pre-made in the supermarket or deli that are actually quite simple to make and will probably taste better from your own kitchen.   Today’s item is beet salad.    I’ve always bought prepared beet salad at my local “gourmet” supermarket, in the deli section, but since my dad started growing them in his garden last year, I’ve been preparing them, quite easily, myself.

When you buy them fresh at the supermarket, they look like this:

You can saute the leafy green part much like you would saute swiss chard or spinach.   Cut the stem from the beet root (the round part) and wash well.  Set a pot of salted water to boil and add your beetroots.  Leave them to cook for about 20 to 30 minutes or until tender.   Easy-peasy.  Take them out, slice them, quarter them, whatever you like.  Put them in a bowl, add some sliced onions, chopped flat leaf Italian parsley, drizzle olive oil and red or white wine vinegar and a little sea salt and ground black pepper to taste and you’re good to go. 

Quick and easy beet salad

Boiled beets can also compliment a mixed greens salad (mm with some goat cheese on top!) or other vegetables, but keep in mind that the beautiful red/fuschia color will probably run onto your other ingredients so you may want to save adding the beets until you’re ready to serve. 

Besides tasting great, beets are very nutritious (both the beetroot and the greens) and perhaps the best part… buying pre-made beet salad will run you about $6/lb.   A bunch of fresh beets, usually 2-3 beetroots, is typically $1.99.   Sweet!                 ~Cookie Mama

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