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Music Stories

Time for a contest. I want a music story. The best one (as voted by the writers of this blog) wins a box full of CDs. A plethora if you will. I want a true story that involves music somehow. […]

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Toasted Gnocchi & Mozzarella/Rainbow Chard/Cannellini Bean/Tomato Sauce

Hey guys, Food Freak here, just wanted to start off my first post by thanking the great people at NEXT for giving me the opportunity to provide you

Music Video Of The Day

I was a baby when this video came out but I have to ask you slightly older people one question.  You really didn't know George Michael was gay?

The Swell Season Force Man To Commit Suicide

Well here's a crazy story. Apparently some guy committed suicide during a Swell Season concert.  I know The Swell Season suck but that doesn't mean you have to

Ten Songs – Friday Shuffle

OK It's Friday and you know what that means boys and girls.  It's shuffle time! Yay! My vast iPod is on shuffle and here are the first ten

Life During Wartime review

Life During Wartime Directed by: Todd Solondz Cast: Shirley Henderson, Paul Reubens, Alison Janney, Dylan Riley Snyder, Chris Marquette Running Time: 1 hr 35 mins Rating: R Release Date: August 6, 2010 (Limited) PLOT: