As you know from time to time I like to make lists.  Today is a slow day so we might as well go ahead and make another list.  Today we focus on one band.  The Beatles have many great songs but what are their greatest?  I answer that question today with the top ten greatest Beatles songs of all time.  These are by far the ten greatest Beatles songs so really there’s no need to argue.

10. Here Comes The Sun – Off of Abby Road this one is sure to put a smile on your face.  Don’t worry buddy everything’s going to be OK.

9. Strawberry Fields Forever – Another song that just seems to put the soul at ease.

8. Something – An all time great love song but that’s a list for a different day.  If I’m correct this song “Layla” and “Wonderful Tonight” were all about Patty Boyd. Man she must have been hot.  SIDE NOTE: After watching this video Yoko sure is ugly.  WTF John?!

7. Helter Skelter – I love rocking out to this one.  Although for some reason whenever I hear it I want to commit a gruesom murder.  Whenever old people, and by old people I don’t mean you guys you’re cool, try to tell me that today’s music is devil’s music or has some kind of bad influence I remind them that the Beatles influenced one of the worst killers in the history of the United States.  That usually shuts them up.

6. We Can Work It Out – Can’t we all just get along?

5. Come Together – Seriously I mean it can’t we all just get along?

4. While My Guitar Gently Weeps – One of the most under rated Beatles songs.  This is a Beatles epic.  It lasts almost five minutes and for the Beatles that’s a long time.

3. Yesterday – The first couple of songs on this list put you at ease.  This one is more of a shoulder to cry on.

2. Let It Be – I flipped a coin and this song lost to the number one song.  Both could be number one.

1. Hey Jude – This was originally for Paul’s kid and was called Hey Jules.  Hey Jules jus doesn’t have the same ring to it good change.  Now join with me na na na nanana na nanana HEY JUDE!

Certainly there are songs that should be in the honorable mention category.  Black Bird, Norwegian Wood, Twist and Shout.  What are some others.


  • open to suggestions but if anyone suggests “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” I reserve the right to punch them in the face. I hate that song.

  • Get back, definitely, Don’t Let Me Down, Everybody’s Got Something to Hide (etc) and my 2 other favourites – Dear Prudence and Happiness is a Warm Gun. Let it Be off the “Naked” album before it was butchered by the addition of strings ……

  • Gotta have “Day in the Life” me thinks. Big fan of “Eleanor Rigby”. “If I Fell” makes me happy.
    Glad “Norwegian Wood (This Bird has Flown)”got an honorable mention. It was George’s first use of the sitar and I am probably the only fan in the world that considers “She Said She Said” a classic.

  • Hey Coach,

    I like the list…….Something has to be on it for me. One of the few George songs, and as soulful as the Beatles get.

    I’d move Blackbird from the honorable mentions list to the top 10. I generally preferred the John songs to the Paul songs……but this is my favorite Paul song. Better than Yesterday and Let it Be in my book.

    Its been mentioned, but Dear Prudence is a top 10 for me too. Simple lyrically, but it hits the mark musically. Written about Mia Farrow’s sister, who refused to leave her room on a trip to India.

    Others to consider…..I Want You, Fool on the Hill, Tomorrow Never Knows, Eleanor Rigby, Nowhere Man…..oh, and I Wanna Hold Your Hand (its so darn catchy).

    Also, nitpick alert……Hey Jude is about Julian Lennon, John’s son. Not Paul’s son. Julian was John’s first son that he completely ignored, and who later got to see all the beautiful pictures of his brother Sean with his father.

  • Ah yes that’s a typo I meant to say John’s son. As for I Wanna Hold Your Hand as previously mentioned in the comments I reserve the right to punch you in the face. I hate that song.

  • Good mention of Tomorrow Never Knows and I think “Norwegian Wood (This Bird has Flown) would be in my top ten rather than Honorable Mention but glad it was placed there.

  • and…for you to hate “I wanna hold your hand” so vehemently just proves how awesome of a song it really is!…(my face is punch resistant up to 300psi)

  • Yer Blues
    A Day in The Life
    Eleanor Rigby
    Dear Prudence
    …Everybody’s got Something To Hide Except for Me and My Monkey

    and “Norwegian Wood” has special meaning for me, reminds me of my Grandfather 🙂

  • Ooh that’s going deep man. I have to admit I’ve only heard that song maybe twice in my life. I’m going back to listen to it right now though. And yes it was immensely hard picking only ten songs but someone had to do it.

  • While My Guitar Gently Weeps, for sure. Too many songs missing…the Beatles need at least a top 25 or at least 20 & it would still be hard to limit their greatest songs to that few.

  • A Beatles list CANNOT be complete without “A Day in the Life”. “If I fell” also makes me smile and Coach I beg to differ ” I wanna hold your hand” is one of the greatest pop songs ever (and you would not hit a girl would ya?)

  • No I wouldn’t go Ike Turner on you don’t worry. It’s amazing how everyone can have ten completely different songs for their Beatles list and no one would be wrong.

  • Favorite quote “It’s amazing how everyone can have ten completely different songs for their Beatles list and no one would be wrong”

    Or “and you wouldn’t hit a girl would ya?”

    Luckily coach is not a closer for the Mets

  • That’s hurtful, Bro. How many people here could sing the lyrics to “Everybody’s Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey” from memory, besides me and Alexander?

    Listen, one request. If we do a Stones list (and gosh I hope we do) could we be sure to include this one from the Greatest Rock Band Ever?

    And maybe, if Coach could agree to bending the rules a bit, we could look at a snappy little duet Mick did with Bowie?

  • Funny thing is Coach, my mother bought that album and played it constantly, making sure to say each time she played it “Nobody makes music like the Beatles.” I guess she didn’t realize how the album she was playing was undermining her argument a bit.

  • that is funny Sully but reminding me of this

    “And maybe, if Coach could agree to bending the rules a bit, we could look at a snappy little duet Mick did with Bowie?”

    You can not be forgiven.

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