Well every now and than I like to go off of the music topic and comment on what’s going on in pop culture.  I couldn’t help but notice the story that’s swirling around super model/diva Naomi Campbell.  I can’t help but think how horrible of a human being she must be.  It seems like every few months there’s a story involving her mistreating someone.  She’s always physically and verbally assaulting people. Now she’s taking blood diamonds from war criminals.  What’s next Naomi?  Why don’t you just form some kind of child labor camp where children can make your clothes.  The more you whip them the faster they work so get to it.  She’s a big giant baby and if she doesn’t get her way she stomps her feet and pouts and moans until she does.  She kind of reminds of Veruca Salt (not the band) the character from Willy Wonka.  I just wish someone would send her down a garbage chute.  Talk about someone who’s only pretty on the outside. She never really did it for me and she’s forty years old now.  The good news is she’s due to get really ugly in the coming years.  She makes the Wicked Witch of The West look like Mother Theresa.  Seriously who dropped a house on her sister?  Naomi Campbell makes me think “Ya know that Mel Gibson seems like he’d be fun to hang out with”.    Hopefuly this all catches up with her and she goes down.  You may think Naomi Campbell wears her hair long because it looks good.  Truth be told she has to wear it long to cover her horns.

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This picture was taken from someone’s cell phone.  It’s what Naomi Campbell looks like when you take a picture of her through a normal camera.  See I told you she was Satan.

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