Well it looks like Van Halen is recording a new album and they’ve brought Diamond Dave back into the mix.  In other news the Palistinians and Israelis have come to a mutual under standing of each other and are now allies.  Boy I haven’t heard from Dave in a while.  Last I heard he was a paramedic for a while and then tried to take over for Howard Stern.  Yea that was a good call.  I think that lasted a whole three months.  I personally wouldn’t hold my breath though it’s only a matter of time before they start killing each other.  Dave’s going to request his vocals be turned up then Eddie’s going to request the guitar get turned up.  Wolfgang will yell “come on dad stop yelling I’m tired of all the yelling” and start crying because it brings up memories of his childhood.  Alex will try to break it up in the hopes of making money and going on tour but will break his hand in the frey and won’t be able to drum.  I can see it all now it’s just a shame.  Well if they do record an album I don’t know how good it’ll be but it has to be better than this right?  or this? So here’s to hoping that cooler heads prevail.

He’s Baaaaaack.

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