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D Bag of the Day?

Bigger than Bob’s little Boy? Watch and you decide. Bro again but this time I knock on the door.

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Lost CD: Bob Mould

So you are in one of the most influential and bombastic bands in the 80s. Said band breaks up. What is a lead singer to do? Release


My sister loved these guys. See more funny videos and funny pictures at

Music Video Of The Day

For today's video we go way back to the very first video MTV ever played.  That was back when they still played videos.  I think the last one

Ten Songs

This edition of Ten Songs are Ten Songs from movies.  These songs were all either in a movie or on a soundtrack.  I put the movie in parenthesis.


Van Halen Back Together

Well it looks like Van Halen is recording a new album and they've brought Diamond Dave back into the mix.  In other news the Palistinians and Israelis have