It’s Friday and you know what that means.  It’s time for another Friday shuffle. This is when I go to my vast iPod put it on shuffle and give you the first ten songs that pop up.  I have a lot of stuff on there ranging from classic rock to heavy metal.  Hip-Hop and Pop to Indie and Blues.  So let’s see what pops up on today’s Friday shuffle.

Ten Songs

10. Smashmouth – All Star – I feel like they play this song at little league award ceremonies in leagues where everyone gets a trophy and they don’t keep score.  I miss the good old days where they made you deal with the disappointment of not being an all star making you realize that sometimes in life you lose.  And for you it’s going to be a lot more than others.  Oh fond memories of little league.

9.John Mayer – Gravity –  Ah the smooth sounds of John Mayer.  This is some baby making music.  Don’t lie all you parents out there.   Your kids were definitely conceived to this.

8. James Taylor – Sweet Baby James – Classic James Taylor.  He even has hair in this clip wow.  I think he’s on tour with Carol King right now but sorry I don’t really give a crap about Carol King.  I get she’s talented and all but I’ll just take James Taylor thanks.

7. Kansas – Dust In The Wind – You can’t help but think of Will Farrell now whenever you hear this song.  You’re my boy Blue!

6. Duran Duran – Rio – After seeing this video I’m definitely going to have to post this as a video of the day one day.  I saw them on TV one time playing as a headliner for a Princess Diana tribute.  Apparently they were her favorite band.  I guess Princess Diana not only had bad taste in men but bad taste in music as well.  Side note love the part in the video when the sax solo comes.

5. Bush – Chemicals Between Us– The opening to this song is awesome.  Then the drum machine kicks in and kills it.  Someone should have told Gavin that drum machines don’t belong in rock bands.  FYI Bush is back together and coming out with a new album in October.

4. Metallica – Fade To Black – If your all alone and on the brink of suicide this song is sure to give you a nice healthy shove right off the ledge.  Great song but my advice would be going somewhere happy after listening to it.  Go to a chucky cheese or something.

3. Green Day – Jesus Of Suburbia – I haven’t been to see the Green Day musical on Broadway yet.  I’m going to go out on a limb here though and say that the plot consists of a lot of teen age angst and manufactured anger.  I also picture a lot of fists being raised in the air for some reason.  I think I’ll pass on the musical thanks.

2. Dave Matthews Band – Grey Street – That’s right all you hippies and yuppies it’s Dave Mathews so go nuts!

1. Led Zeppelin – What Is and What Should Never Be – Nothing much to say here it’s some classic Zeppelin to close things out.  Can these guys get back together and do a tour already seriously.

So today’s shuffle wasn’t too exciting it’s all rock and roll today.  Last week we had a wild week.  I guess that’s all part of the shuffle.


  • Haha I love how you trash the songs you have on your own ipod! I imagine you “skipping” to the next selection often? As for green day, love them but I have ZERO interest in seeing the Broadway musical.

  • Well I’m pretty strict about adding new songs and organizing my iPod. So I have a bunch of different playlists to prevent constant skipping. It’s all about the playlists Lisa. Without organization there is chaos.

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