Well it looks like a choir of 60 girls has covered Peter Gabriel.  No word yet on why they’re on top of him and no law suits have been filed.  Oh wait I’m sorry they just sang one of his songs I get it now.  Anyway they’re from Belgium where I guess being in the choir is actually considered cool.  I went to an all boys high school so you can imagine what our choir sounded like.  There were more squeaks and squeals than a first grader learning the clarinet.  Personally I think these choir covers are always kind of lame.  This one seems nice and less lame than others but still kind of boring.   I mean how cool can they be?  You remember the choir kids in your high school.  They cover both Peter Gabriel and The King’s Of Leon.  Have a listen.

SIDE NOTE: If you were a choir kid I’m sure you were one of the cool ones.

“Use Somebody” by Scala by Shore Fire

“Solsbury Hill” by Scala by Shore Fire


  • Yuk. Bleck. Horrid. I could feel my soul getting sucked out of me listening to that. I think I felt physical pain in addition to the psychic angst.

    Maybe I’m stating this too strongly, but this is what happens when Ray Davies traumatizes you with a choral concept album. Oh Ray………..no wonder Dave won’t speak to you.

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