First off I’d just like to state that I am and will always be ruler of the Coach’s Corner.  That said I consider myself a benevolent dictator.  I am not a tyrant.  Yesterday I listed my top bands of the 90’s and received some well thought out criticism.  Since this criticism was well thought out and no one called me a dick or anything I’ve decided to change the list.  Here is the final revised list of the 10 greatest bands of the 90’s.

10. Oasis – At the time they pissed me off because they copied the Beatles in so many ways and I didn’t see it as an homage.  Now I do realize that they did make some great music.

9. Smashing Pumpkins – As a wee lad I had a poster of Billy Corgan on my wall playing the guitars with his fingers bleeding.  I still don’t know which Billy Corgan I like best bald Billy, long haired Billy, or Bob’s Big Boy Billy.  Jimmy Chamberlain was an under rated drummer and even though the chick and the Asian dude kinda sucked they still make the list.

8. Jane’s Addiction – Perry Farrall is one weird dude.  But he started Lollapalooza and put out great music.  Both of which were staples of the 90’s so they have to be on this list.

7. Rage Against The Machine – AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Sorry I just got rid of all of my misguided anger.  I’m OK now.

6. Radiohead – I’m not a big fan of Radiohead they were always a little too whiny for me.  I do recognize the greatness though.  The Bends and OK Computer were good albums.

5. Soundgarden – I don’t get the song or the video for “Black Hole Sun” but holy crap do I love them both.  Chris Cornell is one of the all time great vocalists and it’s good to see these guys starting to do stuff together again.

4. Pearl Jam – Is it wrong that my favorite Pearl Jam album was Vitalogy?  Seriously it’s an under rated album.  Anyway I know I’ll catch a lot of flack for not putting them higher but no disrespect to them at all I love Pearl Jam.  I just think the other bands are slightly better and/or deserve bonus points for shooting themselves in the head sorry.  Please don’t hate me.

3. Red Hot Chili Peppers – Is it me or is every single one of their albums awesome?  It’s a shame John Fruciante is out of the band it’ll be interesting to see how their next album sounds.

2. Nirvana – A lot of people say Nirvana was over rated.  I was always a Nirvana guy and the bottom line is they wrote the anthem for the 90’s nuff said.  I was all set to put them number one on the list but then had a last second change of heart.  For me though it’s a tie between Nirvana and number 1.  Besides if a guy blows his head off he deserves some bonus points.  Gee I wonder what ever happened to the other two guys in Nirvana?  They probably never amounted to anything although I did hear about some sort of small side project the drummer has now.

1. Tool – In my opinion the most under rated band of all time.  Every part of this band is awesome. Lyrics, vocals, guitar, bass, drums everything.  One of the few bands that’s managed to never sell out.  They are about as faceless as a band of their caliber can be.  Tool has never put out a bad album and have now been around for more than 20 years.  Because their style is so dark and they are such a faceless band they will remain under rated.  That’s kind of how I like it though.

Honorable mention: Sublime, Green Day, Bush, Weezer, Lenny Kravitz, Foo Fighters, REM.  If you must any one of these can be subbed for any on the real list.  Sorry, still no chicks.

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