Favorite BBQ Bring-Along

August 31, 2010By LisaFood 4 Comments

We’re hosting a Labor Day weekend BBQ this Saturday.  I’ve asked each guest to bring along one favorite dish – a side dish, appetizer, or a dessert, though I typically have the desserts covered.   I thought it would be …

Music Video Of The Day

August 31, 2010By CoachMy Life In Music No Comments

Today’s music video is from a hip hop guy that churned out a big hit with a rock song.  Today it’s Everlast with “What It’s Like”.  This is a great and yet under rated song.

Bad Music Good Artists

August 31, 2010By CoachMy Life In Music No Comments

It’s time for another segment of Bad Music Good Artist.  We all remember and love Dee Dee Ramone for his bass work for legendary band The Ramones.  Who doesn’t love it when just before a Ramones song starts …

Photo in need of a caption

August 31, 2010By ChrisMy Life In Music 6 Comments

Have fun but be respectful. Please leave a caption in the comment section.

We were on our way to the Knitting Factory and found a parking spot. Guess what van was parked right behind us? How can you not take …

I Can Make It Better

August 30, 2010By LisaFood 2 Comments

It’s Monday, time for another I Can Make It Better entry.    This time – Marinated Mushrooms.   Great as an appetizer, as part of an antipasto platter, or as a side with a deli sandwich.  The mushrooms …

Music Video Of The Day

August 30, 2010By CoachMy Life In Music 1 Comment

After witnessing a real life rap battle on the streets of New York last night I’m feeling extra gangsta.  Although I shouldn’t be because my initial reaction to seeing a group of “urban youths” was to immediately cross the …

Happy Hour/CD Mix Exchange #5

August 30, 2010By ChrisConcert Series No Comments

The first four nights have been quite a success so let’s keep this going. It’s a simple concept. Music lovers gather together trade homemade CD mixes, listen to acoustic music from cool upcoming artists, drink beer and eat great BBQ …

Meiko solo

August 30, 2010By ChrisMusic 4 Comments

Meiko outside of The Living RoomI am a fan of Meiko. A big fan. It happened many years ago (2007) when I got a cd in the mail from her manager Mike Savage. I opened the mailer …

Ben Folds and Nick Hornby

August 30, 2010By ChrisMusic 2 Comments

Singularly I have enjoy Nick Hornby and Ben Folds (solo and as the aptly named trio Ben Folds Five) so when I heard that they were collaborating on a new cd…well let’s just say my interest was piqued. If after …

Coach Falls In Love

August 30, 2010By CoachMy Life In Music 3 Comments

Last night I tagged along with Chris Bro to a place called the Living Room on Ludlow St. in New York City.   It was everything I love about New York.  I’ve said before that on any night you …