If you’re planning on going to the Gathering of The Vibes this week in Bridgeport be sure to bring a blanket, drink lots of water, and kill yourself.  Yea that’s right I said it.  This isn’t an attack on hippie festivals by any means but I can’t imagine anybody wanting to go to that.  The headliner is Further.  I just assumed that it was a side project from someone in the Grateful Dead then I looked it up and sure enough I was right.  Looking at the lineup there are only a few names I even recognize.  Jimmy Cliff, who I think is the “I Can See Clearly Now” guy.  He’s still alive?  Primus, who I kinda liked but am still not sure if they’re good or not.  Robert Randolph and the Family Band can’t complain on that one they are solid.  Umphrey’s Mcgee, who should probably be playing a street fair somewhere, and Little Feat who I keep wanting to like but just can’t make it through that “Dixie Chicken” song.  None of this, save Robert Randolph, sounds appealing to me at all.  To top it all off you have to go to Bridgeport where Chuck Norris is scared to walk around alone and I’m pretty sure they found a dead body on the festival grounds last year too.  Awesome.  If you’re planning on camping there then stay right where you are federal agents will be picking you up shortly and deporting you.  We don’t need your kind here.  Oh and can they have thought of a worse name for a festival?  I mean honestly what the hell is the “Gathering of the Vibes”?  What does that even mean?  If a buddy of mine asked me to go to the gathering of the vibes with him I’d have to immediately punch him in the face regardless of the lineup.  Chris Bro actually asked me to go to it so I can cover it for this blog.  This was my exact reaction.  I’m joking of course Chris Bro would never ask me to go there he’s a cool guy.  On the other hand if you are going this weekend and you do read this blog don’t be offended keep coming back you can still read the blog I’ll allow it.  The rest of you enjoy the weekend by doing something else.  Anything else really and you should be having a good time.

Really? You don’t want to hang out with this guy all weekend?


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