We talk music here. Sometimes other topics pop up but mainly music. One subject we have tackled is probably the most important musical test there is: The Car Test. Also know as the Driving Test. You’re in your car. Driving. The song is playing…does the song work? Does it make you want to forget the speed limit? Does it make the world disappear? Does it make you feel young again? The Car Test.

We have also mentioned another test. OK, mainly me, but that’s fine. I have another test. The “Front Porch” Test. Also know as the Drunk Test. The After the After Party Test. Songs you play after a night out or with just a few really close friends. Nothing too loud and nothing to soft. Like Baby Bear’s bed…just right. Songs you can talk with, or about, or that spark conversations. The Front Porch Test.

So today I give you one of each for the Songs I love. First the Car Test. Pearl Jam’s “Got Some”

and now the Front Porch Song by the Felice Brothers “Whiskey in my Whiskey”

Enjoy and as always please leave a comment. Please and Thank You.

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