Well it looks like the Arizona immigration law is being shut down by the courts and it’s all because of Rage Against The Machine.  By the way why does Spinner.com only use that horrible picture of Zach De La Rocha? I mean seriously he looks like a serial killer.  Anyway it didn’t take long for Rage to jump on the immigration law band wagon, you knew they would.  They had signed on with a bunch of bands to not play in Arizona if the law went through.  After looking at the list of other bands that will not come to Arizona it may actually backfire and force the law into effect even quicker.  “Wait we could get rid of the Mexicans and Kanye West? Pass the law quick!”.  Personally I think we should start looking at everyone’s ID legal or not.  Seriously there are some crazy people out there.   Let’s just start weeding out crazy people in general who says they need to be illegal? I always liked Rage Against The Machine even though I have no idea what they’re talking about half the time.  They could literally recite the alphabet as lyrics and I’d probably love it.  Below is one of my personal favorites from rage.  Who gave up the power in the first place and why we need to take it back I do not know but damn that baseline in the beginning is awesome.  Careful at work they swear in this one.  Then again if you’re at work then it means you’re part of the man and your part of the machine we’re all supposed to be raging against so screw you!

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