Saw this article on concert disasters in Rolling Stone and it made me think.  We all heard about the King’s Of Leon Pigeon incident but have any of you ever been to a rock concert that went awry in any way?  If not what’s the biggest concert mishap you can think of?  Off the top of my head I’m thinking when Axl Rose jumped into the crowd and beat up a fan. Also Sabastian Bach threw a beer bottle that hit the wrong person.  I’m sure Axl is responsible for many more as well.  James Hetfield almost getting burned to death on stage has to be up there too.  I went to an R.E.M. show a couple of years ago where there was the most insane storm I had ever seen.  Maybe some of you were there.  It was at Jone’s Beach, an outdoor venue, and lighting actually hit the stands.  It was a great concert as The National, and Modest Mouse were opening for R.E.M.  The National got through their set no problem but about half way through Modest Mouse’s (Modest Mice?) lighting hit the very top of the stands.  Modest Mouse immediately dropped their instruments and ran off stage.  The crowd had to evacuate and it was a monsoon for about an hour and a half.  R.E.M. eventually came on after a long delay and played a kick ass set.  I wasn’t a huge fan of REM but they won a lot of respect from me that night.  When they took the stage it was still raining and there was even still some lighting.  Michael Stype grabbed the mic and pretended to be electrocuted before opening with a cover of CCR’s “Have You Ever Seen The Rain”.  After that they played “So. Central Rain” and “It’s The End Of The World As We Know It” of course.  It was a great set and towards the end they huddled together and surprised everyone by playing “Losing My Religion”.  I later learned that they never do that song live.  That night REM turned a disaster into a classic show and won big time points with me.  Those guys are true professionals.  In the end it turned out good but someone out there has to have a good disaster story.  Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for the kind words Coach.


  • Got a couple of comments on FB. One that mentioned the Milli Vanilli concert where their recorded voiced didn’t work. NOW THAT is a Disaster.

  • via twitter
    IgnacioNYC: an hour before i was to go on my guitarist called and said he couldn’t make it because his wife’s water broke. w r a 3 piece.

  • not the band’s fault, but my friend’s… he LOVES jimmy buffet. had never been, scored tix. months and months in advance. could not wait. gets there early to tailgate, gets shitfaced and passes out before jimmy ever hits the stage. oops

  • that’s a classic story. Very nice addition cat.

    I have one too
    What about my second charity concert? Main act calls just a few hours before they have to go on to say their van broke down. Luckily the opening act was willing to play two sets. The best was that the opening act was playing solo but he called a few buddy’s and got a backing band.

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