I saw this today and it appears Guns and Roses will be doing a one off live show for a festival.  I actually got excited but then I saw who was opening up for them at this festival.  Daughtry will be the opener.  Holy crap does that guy suck.  Really Axl?  Freaking Daughtry?  Why don’t you just go ahead and perform with Nickelback and just kill me already.  I never thought Axl Rose was crazy until now.  Now I think he’s finally lost it.  Sure he was a little crazy before but this takes the cake.  I wonder if he’s ever heard of Daughtry.  Maybe he just doesn’t know who he is.  I think it’ll be a pretty interesting crowd with the Guns and Roses rockers mixing in with the Daughtry American Idol people.  Daughtry is so mind numbingly bad he makes me yearn for a Wham! reunion.  Seriously Daughtry makes Colbie Caillat look like David Lee Roth.  Wait I’ve used that one already let me try again.  Daughtry makes The Jonas Brothers look like The Sex Pistols.  There we go that’s more like it.  Well if the Jonas Brothers ever wanted to open up for Guns and Roses I’d say this is the perfect time just let Daughtry go first. Anyone who goes to that show must do this as soon as Daughtry hits the stage. I still love G&R and today is the 23rd anniversary of the release of Appetite For Destruction.  Talk about an all time great album and it was their debut.  Certainly a timeless one.  Dammit now I have to go listen to that on my iPod.  For all you Jakob Dylan fans who are still mad at me I’d take Jakob over Daughtry any day so maybe that makes you feel better.  Probably not though.

Shut up Coach! My stylist says these clothes give me rock street cred.


  • I think maybe GNR, or at least management or promotions or whoever runs these things, kinda knew what they were doing, maybe? Daughtry has a HUGE following (their debut album was something like the fastest selling rock album) and they are current. You made a comment about people forgetting about Courtney Love’s band, Hole; I dunno, I’m a big GNR fan so I can’t see forgetting about GNR but I’m sure the younger generation who would see Daughtry might not be as familiar with GNR. I think I’ve seen worse pairings than this. I think I’m also tempted to say Daughtry is better than Nickleback. (Shit am I gonna get crucified for my response to this?)

  • Lisa I don’t know why but every time you comment you calm me down a good 5 notches. Anyway you are right Daughtry does have a large following. I just don’t know who these people are. Bottom line though if I were stuck on an island with A Daughtry CD, a Nickelback CD, and a loaded gun. I’d probably shoot myself in the head.

  • Gulity Pleasure of mine was watching the the first 7 seasons of Idol, I didn’t watch much of the last two years and have to say at least Daughtry was better then some of the other karaoke contestants. That being said, I am not a GNR fan and so I should shut up now. BTW Jacob Dylan needs to be pooped on by pidgeons

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