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Wait Guns & Roses Are Performing A Festival With Who?

I saw this today and it appears Guns and Roses will be doing a one off live show for a festival.  I actually got excited but then I saw who was opening up for them at this festival.  Daughtry will […]

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Songs I Love: Justin Currie

Settle in and get ready for an epic journey. We are talking over 8 minutes here people. Like all epic songs it's long but it seems

Music Video Of The Day

Talk about a song that's as true now as it was back then.  Today's music video is a classic from Genesis.  Gotta love the weird looking puppets.  Boy


OK I don't know why this isn't a big web sensation but it should be.  This is definitely the creepiest fan I've ever seen.  I have certain friend


Ten Songs – RIP Edition

OK today I'm doing a ten songs to honor the dead.  What do these ten songs have in common?  They're all by dead people.  Makes you think who's