Well it appears that the Kings Of Leon put on a performance for the birds at their show in St. Louis.  They had to cut the show short after being bombarded by pooping pigeons.  I can’t say I blame them that’s pretty gross.  It’s not the first time this has happened though.  Cyndi Lauper had a pigeon poop in her mouth during a show one time.  It was a rough week for rock and roll in St. Louis as the Silversun Pickups had to cut their set short do to a massive thunder and lighting storm.  If you live in St. Louis and had tickets to both shows you may be the biggest jinx in the whole world.  Do us all a favor and kill yourself we don’t need your bad luck in this world.

I always thought it was supposed to be good luck to get pooped on by a bird.  The first year I had season tickets to the Yankees I was in college still.  It was 2004 and early on in the season a pigeon pooped on my Bernie Williams jersey.  I wore that jersey the entire rest of the summer and the Yanks won all 17 games I went to for the rest of the year.  Then playoff time came around.  I had tickets to a game they were playing against Boston.  I went to grab, my now crusty smelly, Bernie Williams jersey and I noticed it was hanging in my closet on a hanger.  This surprised me as it was usually balled up in a pile on my floor.  My mother then informed me that she had washed it so I could wear it to the game.  The Yankees were up 3-0 in the series and the Red Sox came back to beat them, not losing another game in the playoffs, en route to their first World Series in 86 years.  If I were the Kings of Leon I wouldn’t wash those clothes.

Kings of Leon are a great band……..for me to poop on!


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