Today’s music video of the day takes us on a trip back to the 90’s.  Because of all her antics people sometimes forget that Courtney Love was in a band.  They also forget that the band she was in put out a pretty decent album.  Today’s video is Hole with “Doll Parts”.  If you haven’t caught the recent behind the music VH1 did on Courtney it’s a must see. It may be the greatest behind the music ever done.  Every segment ends with Courtney saying “….and then for no reason whatsoever they checked me into a mental hospital”.  Really Courtney?  I’m pretty sure they had a good reason.  Oh and Courtney Lindsay Lohan called she said you might want to take it easy on the drugs and boos.

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  • Great song! And if people forgot she was in a band, they certainly are not a child (or college student…ahem) of 90’s alternative

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