DJ Jane
I love these posts. I love hearing what someone would play if they could have a radio station and play 10 songs. I love it. There is plenty of time and space so if you have 10 songs you’d like to play on the site just let me know.

Please listen to Jane’s 10 songs then leave a comment and let her know what you think. Thanks for the six pack of Maryland beer. That’s another thing I love but that’s different post.


1. 21@ 12 by Hot Hot Heat
2. Let Go by Everest
3. Excuses by The Morning Benders
4. Crash Years by The New Pornographers
5. My Time by Minus the Bear
6. Bloodbuzz Ohio by The National
7. Factory by Band of Horses
8. Faster Than the Setting Sun by Fyfe Dangerfield
9. Closet Astrologer by The Ruby Suns
10. Hemingway by The Seascape

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