Well I’m bored on this gloomy Friday so I’ll go ahead and reopen this wound. ┬áHere’s today’s poll question. Would you rather sit through Jakob Dylan playing all of his solo stuff or this David Hasselhoff video?


  • I wanted to poke my eyes out watching Hasselhoff’s video. I couldn’t take my eye off the counter to see when it would be over. At least Jakob doesn’t make me want to poke my eyes out…and he MIGHT play “One Headlight”.

  • Coach,
    You’re an incredible jerk. I know, that means I’ll get attacked by your posse, but it’s the price I’m willing to pay for standing up to your immature, unprofessional, juvenile misuse of your position.

  • First off I thank you for following the rules of engagement Chris. Your attack was short and to the point. Much appreciated. I tried to find a point that I could argue with you on but you may have made the best argument against me of anyone so far. You do assume a lot though. You’re assuming I’m some kind of professional. Nope don’t get paid never went to journalism school or anything like that. I thought that was pretty clear. I must be good if everyone thinks I’m actually a journalist. You also assume I have a posse. Although that’d be pretty cool I don’t think I have one sorry. Other than that I’m quite immature and juvenile. Although I’m not sure how one can misuse their own position. How about this give me a celebrity or artist you hate and I’ll make fun of them instead OK? Do you hate Bon Jovi? I just named them the most over rated band of all time maybe that will make you a little happier.

  • One of my favorite quotes, Small Coach:
    “Brilliant people talk about ideas. Average people talk about things. Small people talk about other people.”

  • Well someone has a quote of the day calender. Congrats though I think I finally found someone even more pretentious than Jakob Dylan good job. You’re going to be my biggest reader Chris I just know it.

  • I don’t know Coach…I read you quite a bit. I think I may be your biggest reader. Just saying.

    I’m going to share a quote too if you guys don’t mind:

    “Nowadays you can’t be loud enough!”

    -John Bonham, Led Zeppelin-

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