Coach’s Poll

July 23, 2010By CoachMy Life In Music 9 Comments

Well I’m bored on this gloomy Friday so I’ll go ahead and reopen this wound.  Here’s today’s poll question. Would you rather sit through Jakob Dylan playing all of his solo stuff or this David Hasselhoff video?

Would you

Music Video Of The Day

July 23, 2010By CoachMy Life In Music No Comments

In today’s music video MGMT scares the living crap out of a baby.  No worries though I hear they’ll probably pay for it’s therapy bills later on in life so it’s cool.  MGMT with “Kids” enjoy!

Songs I Love: Locksley

July 23, 2010By ChrisMusic 4 Comments

Gotta love the “Oh Oh Oh Oh Ohs”. Gotta love the FUN and you gotta love songs with counting in them. Gotta love the call and response interplay. Gotta love the video. Did I mention the Fun?

These guys are …

Cover Song

July 23, 2010By CoachMy Life In Music 2 Comments

A few weeks ago I heard Jewel on the Howard Stern Show.  As always it was a fantastic interview by The King Of All Media but Jewel also played a cover of Neil Young’s “The Needle And The Damage …