Do you enjoy Next? Do you know someone else that might enjoy discovering new music? Spread that Next love. Do you know someone that claims “there hasn’t been any good music since…” Well have them listen to a Next show. Maybe together we can help educate them.

If you were on Facebook last night I had a great time. Thanks. I love reading what you like and don’t like in real time. Join us next Wednesday at the NEXT Facebook page. Even if you don’t listen live and only download it please leave a comment on any song that you love (or hate).




  • Chris how true, I am Kloot are under recognised. Play Moolah Rouge is absolutely great cd. I am already enjoying Fingerprints, it got my vote. Next is geting the cd. Thank you and thank NEXT never stop, please

  • I Am Kloot on NEXT! Very cool Chris…

    Good tune and I obviously voted for them, check out the tune “Ferris Wheels” on the Moolah Rouge CD. Very catchy.

    They are nominated for a British Mercury award.

  • Yes Kim I could not agree more, Ferris wheels, Hey little bird, Someone like you…. all great tunes.
    Did I am Kloot ever played in the USA? Bring them in.

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