It’s time for a ten songs list.  This time I’m listing Ten Songs jail songs for Lindsay Lohan.  As you may know she’s now locked up.  I personally think she’s not really in jail she’s just filming a Cinemax all girl prison movie.  Hey it’s tough to get work these days you do what you have to.  I’m a Lindsay fan I think she’s still super hot even in an orange jump suit.  That said let’s get to our ten jail songs.

10. AC/DC – Jailbreak – Any excuse to get AC/DC on a ten songs list is a good one.  If awesomeness were were ice cream AC/DC would be Ben and Jerry’s.  Or maybe Coldstone or whatever your favorite ice cream is.  You get the point.

9. Social Distortion – Prison Bound – I always felt like the lead singer was the kind of guy who’s kind of scrawny but could totally kick my ass.  “I’m prison bound/I did a crime one too many times”.

8. Johnny Cash – Folsom Prison Blues – Of course it’s on the list.  No brainer.

7. Tool – Prison Sex – We know Lindsay like to go both ways.  We even know she likes manish looking chicks.  She might be having the time of her life in there who knows?  One of my favorite Tool songs.

6. Creed – My Own Prison – I hate Creed but hey I’m having a hard time thinking of 10 prison songs so cut me some slack ok? If you could think of one that bumps this please let me know.  I think they’re actually back together but you don’t care right?

5. Thin Lizzy – Jailbreak – I almost forgot about this one.  That would have been sad.  This song’s not to be confused with number 10 of the same title.  Both kick ass

4. Sam Cooke – Chain Gang – I know it’s weird for a 27 year old to love Sam Cooke but I do.  I guess that’s what happens when your mom brain washes you when you’re a kid.  I remember vividly making the chain gang noise in this song as a wee lad.

3. The Clash – I fought The Law – Another no brainer.  If Lindsay fought the law the law would be Daniel son and Lindsay would be Johnny.  Finish him!

2. System Of A Down – Prison Song – I don’t always know what they’re saying or, more importantly, what they’re talking about but dammit I love it.  Now get angry and break something.

1. Elvis – Jail House Rock – Of course Jail House Rock is on here.  Boy jail seems fun.  Everyone dances and plays instruments and stuff.  I feel like you can drop the soap in this prison without incident.  That warden doesn’t seem like he’s doing a very good job though.

This is like so totally dumb and stuff.


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