The Replacements – All Shook Down

Lost CD…sadly I might argue a Lost Band.

Let’s start this thing off by saying if for some reason you don’t have all three of the holy trinity of ‘Mats CDs then you need to remedy that right now. It’s a perfect trifecta. “Let it Be”, “Tim”, and “Pleased to Meet Me” should be in each and every CD collection. Murmur by REM was released in ’83 and the ‘Mats perfection was recorded during that same time(’84 to ’87). Green came out in “88. How did REM get sooo huge while The Replacements watched the world pass them by? You might know the stories and if not search them out. There are some truly wonderful Rock N Roll stories. The Replacements really have no one but themselves to blame but that doesn’t change the fact that we have the chance to “do it right” now. If your favorite radio station plays more REM songs than Replacement songs something is terribly wrong. Call them. Email them and ask them why they don’t love music.

Ok enough of that little rant. So this is a Lost CD review and obviously I can’t pick one of the big three so I picked “All Shook Down”. It is basically the first solo Paul Westerberg CD. The CD sounds like an almost defeated Paul. I think by this time he knows that The Replacements should have and/or could have but didn’t. This CD is not classic sounding Replacements but it’s the perfect ending that knows that it is an ending. It is full of med tempo rockers and low key acoustic numbers. It’s a good CD to listen to when the party has ended but you are not ready to call it a day. You want to hang on to the buzz and kick back with one last beer — or maybe two so that you can slowly pull on the beers and hear the entire CD. All I am saying is give Paul a chance.

I listen to this CD constantly. This song inspired a short story. I based the story on this song and it included every title from Pearl Jam’s “Ten” hidden with in it. I should look for that story. I know it would embarrassing but maybe I’ll post it.

So sad. So beautiful.

Hey we remember how to plug in guitars

Popcorn for dinner…I mean who hasn’t done that? Great first line.

Horns…love them. Lyrics, of course, brilliant.

Comments? I welcome them.
Enjoy it all


  • Nicely said, Bro.

    The ‘Mats were the band of my college years. This CD marked a change — introducing us to what would be Paul’s solo sound. We discovered it at a point when we were changing — from kids to adults. So many good memories blasting “When It Began!”

    I’ll buy that last round….thanks, Bro!

  • I have to admit to never having bought a Replacements CD or listened to one in its entirety. Hey, we all have holes in our game.

    I’m familiar with some of their singles, their history, and some of Westerberg’s more recent stuff, but I’m completing my homework assignment as I type.

    This is your role…..Chris Bro….music teacher.

  • They were punk…beautiful, beautiful punks.

    Can’t wait to hear what you think of one of my holy trinities. I wish I could go back and hear those cds again for the first time.

  • I love all the Replacement albums and all in very different ways. Westerberg is in a class by himself with his lyrics. Having seen them about 20 times, I can say they were one of the greatest (unpredictable) live bands that ever were. Now you’ve got me wanting to hear ’em all again!

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