I remember having this conversation a while ago with some friends.  You see my whole life I’ve kind of enjoyed Primus.  I wouldn’t say they were my favorite band but I always enjoyed a good Primus tune.  One day primus came on my iPod and a friend who wasn’t really familiar with them commented on how awful the song was.  The song was “My Name Is Mud”.  This got to me and I started asking around and about 5 more people who were into music and familiar with Primus told me that they did, in fact, suck.  Could this be?  Could I be enjoying a band that really sucks?  So now I pose the question to all of my followers out there.  Does Primus suck?   I mean Les Claypool is a pretty sick bass player.  But could it be that I’m way off by thinking they’re good?  Sure they’re insanely weird but I always got a kick out of “Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver”.  I also always liked “My Name Is Mud” as well.  I don’t know I’ll leave it up to you guys. I mean they did the South Park theme song so how bad can they be?


  • Thanks Tony.

    Good question I’d guess they’d be alternative not sure. I like the Zappa comparison.

  • There isn’t good or bad just like or don’t like…no I take that there is good and bad too.

    There can be good (the Beatles) but you don’t like them. Although I don’t know where that comes from. You can say you don’t like the Beatles but Suck? Really? The Beatles don’t suck. Sorry but you lose that argument right then and there. Period. End of story. You don’t get to say another word during an argument if you utter those words.

    OK but back to Primus. I don’t have much listening experience. I never really got into them so I am coming at this with ingnorance. I like the Zappa comparison too.

  • Push comes to shove I guess they are good but I don’t like them. The South Park intro is perfect for that show.

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