You’ll find from time to time that I like to come up with lists.  Today is the first list I’ll do and it’s sure to stir up emotions.  I will tell you that each list I do is then set in stone forever and is completely inarguable.  So today I present to you the inarguable list of the top ten most over rated bands of all time.

10 Most Over Rated Bands Of All Time

10. Dave Matthews Band – Commercially he’s never been that successful.  His highest charting song in the states is “Dream Girl” and that only reached number 16. Outside the states only one of his songs, “The Space Between”, has charted and it was number 35 in the UK.  None of his songs charted anywhere else ever.  Outside the states he’s non-existent. So why is he so revered? As far as his live show is concerned it’s the only concert I’ve ever been to where the crowd sat in their chairs and talked to each other during the show.  A few of the members of his band seem talented i.e. the drummer but Dave, himself, lacks something. He’s just not a rock star he’s a nerdy dude with an acoustic guitar. Don’t fret Dave fans he’s only number 10 on this list there are far more over rated bands out there.

9. Billy Joel – Billy Seems like a nice enough guy but I just always thought the piano rock thing was just not cool and pretty dorky.  I mean my mom likes Billy Joel how cool could he be?  I will admit that when I’m doing karaoke “Up Town Girl” is my go to song though.

8. Bruce Springsteen – Sorry but most of Bruce’s stuff is just down right cheesy. Sure he’s got some good ones but the rest is just down right cheese.  Nothing good has come out of Jersey since …….ummm…..well let’s just leave it at that.  I hear he has a good live show although I’ve never seen him.  He should definitely not be as revered as he is.  Chalk this one up to me just not getting it.

7. Fleetwood Mac – The most interesting part about them is that they all had sex with each other and really I’m not even interested in that either.  To me their music is just lame dentist office lite FM stuff.  I get a toothache just listening to them.  Well them and this guy.

6. Aerosmith – “Dream On” is a great song.  That was made in 1973.  Between ’73 and about ’86 where were they?  oh yea no where until Run DMC remixed their song and brought them back to relevance.  Then came the early 90’s where not only did all their songs sound basically the same but even their music videos were similar.  Then of course they had to torture us with the love ballad for the awful movie “Armageddon”.   I know you weren’t there for her as a kid but that doesn’t mean you have to cast your daughter in all your videos and do the soundtrack to her crappy movie.  She is hot though.

5. Green Day – First off I just want to thank Green Day for their awful spin off pop punk bands.  Yea thanks for opening the door for Blink 182 that’s just terrific.  they’ve had two great albums I’ll give them that.  However they were separated by about 10 years and in between those two albums was pretty much crap.  Also you guys are from California stop singing with English accents.

4. Counting Crows – Has there ever been a whinier band?  The lead singer sucks and no one in the band does anything well.  The word that comes to mind is “generic”.  I guess if you were in college and you were a tool in 1993 you loved these guys.  I saw them at a festival where the lead singer almost fell off the stage.  That would have been the greatest thing ever.  Unfortunately one of the roadies grabbed him.  If you’ve been to a Counting Crows concert in the last five years you should be shot. Unless you read this blog of course. Props to the singer for nailing both Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox though.

3. Journey – Over the past 5-10 years their music has kind of regained steam. Why? I do not know.  People just love hearing this song every weekend at every bar for some reason.  This is the definition of cheese.  I can’t believe how crazy people get when the crappy cover band at the bar I go to starts playing “Don’t Stop Believin'”.  It’s as if it’s 1985 and they’ve never heard it before.  Really guys?  You’re shocked that they’re playing this song?  You really weren’t expecting it?  Kill yourself and please please please stop believin’.

2. Kiss – Why aren’t they a one hit wonder?  Isn’t that what usually happens to bands that only have one good song?  And that song isn’t even that good.  Just because you have a lot of fireworks at your live show doesn’t make you good.  They could easily be number one if it weren’t for the next band.

1. Bon Jovi – They’re only real album was in 1987.  Since then they’ve done nothing good and the songs from that one album sound extremely dated.  If it weren’t for bad cover bands playing them in bars every weekend they’d be bagging groceries somewhere.  Instead we still have to see them places.  New Jersey should just have all of there radios and stereos confiscated.  Bon Jovi is living proof that 100 million fans can actually be wrong.  Their last album was about how they’re all from New Jersey oh boy doesn’t that sound fantastic!

Don’t mess with us Coach we’re from Jersey.


  • HAHA right on! a couple minor disputes, but SO true. One of my best friends and I always fight about Fleetwood Mac, I say they suck! Also totally on point with Journey, blecch even when they were new (and yes I am that old).
    I would have liked to see ColdPlay on this list, or even more than them, Radiohead! yukko. I will posit Pearl Jam, but I know everyone will disagree with me there.

  • Thanks for reading Cat. I like Cold Play. But agree with you on Radiohead. Pearl Jam I’m so so about although the last album was decent. We seem pretty compatible I like it. I think this blog will be right up your alley.

  • Such an arbitrary list. Any person who worships one band through good and bad and foresaking doesn’t really love music. They are just groupies. It really isn’t the band’s problem. They’re just doing what they do and got lucky enough to have some hits and gain a following. All the artists mentioned have talent. Some much more than others. Many have a place in music history because they were different at the time or their words/music struck a chord with listeners. At times their work sounds all the same, but most do have true musical and writing skills. You could easily add Bob Dylan, U2, Elvis Costello and Elton John to this list because your parameters are so vague, even though each of these artists has written rock anthems. It’s the fans who get stuck worshipping. Don’t hate the player (heh-heh)!

  • It’s my job to hate the players. I’m Coach. I hear where you’re coming from and you definitely just made me think about Elvis Costello. He might just bump Dave from the top ten good call.

  • Cannot disagree with you more! How can you say that DMB has “never been that successful”, and “His highest charting song . . . only reached number 16, ” and still say he is overrated? I view this as contradictory. What your saying is that he has never been rated high but he is over rated?! I think what it comes down to is that his fans like him and you dislike the fact that his fans like him. Are you calling his fans liars? The argument really is that you view his fans as insincere – posers perhaps. That is something you will have to rectify with fans but overrated is something DMB is not.

  • Just read the rest of the list since I had to stop reading after the DMB entry to calm down.
    You write “Nothing good has come out of Jersey. . .”
    I’ll tell you what’s good from Jersey – my girlfriend – thats what! Jersey probably does not like you either.
    Then you say “lame dentist office” . . . my father’s a Dentist! I hope you get a toothache.
    The only thing I agree with is your placement of Bon Jovi and KISS in the #1 and #2 spot.

  • Well I don’t think anyone can argue that Dave Matthews is highly regarded in general. I mean just look at the guy’s bank account. I’m saying I don’t understand where this comes from. That’s why I point out that he hasn’t had a real hit and is also bad live. Yet every time there is an earthquake or a hurricane he’s one of the first one’s to appear on a telethon. Also in general when people discuss great musicians he comes up. That’s why I think he’s over rated. I would think he would have had some hits or would be amazing live but as I point out he’s neither. Dave fans are so easy to tweak. I love you Mack glad you agree with 1 and 2 keep reading.

  • Coach, if you had added Elvis Costello to this list within a week of saying the Rolling Stones were a better band than the Beatles and identifying Ghost as a great movie……..I would have signed you up for 5 years of the Jacob Dylan fan club, and listed your work address for the autographed, heart-framed Jacob picture.

    And as for Bon Jovi…….a girl name Kathy agreed to go out with me in high school, and I had no business even speaking to her, because I had an extra ticket to Bon Jovi on their Slipppery When Wet tour. So in my book, they are one of the greatest forces for good in the universe.

  • I’ll give you a pass on Bon Jovi then but only you no one else. And that’s Jakob with a “k”. I wouldn’t want the Jakob Dylan police to come back again.

  • all is forgiven in music when the opposite sex is involved. It really isn’t your fault. I blame the hormones.

  • Sadly, things didn’t work out for me and Kathy. As plot turns out, she had terrible taste in music.

    Now, Coach…I can understand the reaction to journey, but Perry had one of the great voices in rock history, up there with Daltry and Mercury. If you don’t believe me, I dare you to make Separate Ways your go to Karaoke song.

  • haha I could understand why things didn’t work out. Can’t deny Steve Perry had a great voice I’ll give you that. But Celine Dion has a nice voice and she sucks too. Although I guess I would take Journey over Celine Dion. OK stop you’ve already made me choose Journey over someone else and admit Steve Perry had a good voice.

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