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Music Video Of The Day

Today it’s a classic.  Fatboy Slim with “Weapon Of Choice”.  This one stars the ever so creepy Christopher Walken.

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Coach’s List – Most Over Rated

You'll find from time to time that I like to come up with lists.  Today is the first list I'll do and it's sure to stir up emotions.


P!nk Bites It; And I Smile

Saw this a few days ago and didn't think much of it until I learned that there's video.  Apparently Pink not only sucks as an artist but she's

The Prom Date

Sure I'm a bit behind on this and sure I'm on Coach's Corner again but this time I said please. Oops I meant to ask first.

Debate: Primus, Good? Or Not Good?

I remember having this conversation a while ago with some friends.  You see my whole life I've kind of enjoyed Primus.  I wouldn't say they were my favorite