It’s Bro invading Coach’s Corner again.

So yesterday I asked for your feedback. I wanted you to finish the sentence “Wouldn’t it be nice if…”. I got some great answers and now will share them with you. Forgot one? Want to add to the list? Put them in the comment section.

Wouldn’t it be nice if…
I had never asked the following question of my friend’s older brother……”What’s a purple nurple?” from @sulli1993

everyday were a summer music festival. from @atriflingmatter

global warming would reverse if we all ate more ice cream? from @tsubi

NEXT was on every day! from Elaine

Next was extended to two hours. from Lou

people didn’t smoke on beaches and leave their butts in the sand. Gross. Also Lou

I owed one of these beach houses instead of renting. 🙂 from Lisa

eating Mexican food was the new way to slim down. From Shannon

we could live together in the kinda world where we belong…sorry, couldnt help it. From Lori

there were no typos! (owed = owned ugh) from Lisa

Mark David Chapman just shot himself instead? From David

all rainbows were double rainbows. sigh. From Mike

So what was your favorite?


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