OK since the weird 80’s videos seem to be so popular I’ve decided to go in that direction yet again.  Today it’s Tears For Fears with “Mad World”.  The highlight of the video has to be the dance he does.  You can try and imitate it all you want,  I did for about 20 minutes, you won’t get it so don’t even try.  Enjoy!


  • Coach – while this is definitely a weird video and the music video – there are quit a few other weird videos associated with this song not to mention the cult film Donnie Darko. And did REM do a version of this?

  • Wow thanks for the heads up. I’ve actually never heard version of the song before and looked it up. It’s a fantastic version. As for REM Chris would probably be better suited to answer that one. He’s a huge REM guy but I’m fairly certain that REM did not do that song.

  • Wait so was the Tears for Fears a cover or Gary Jules? Gary Jules was the cover right? Anyway I love that version. I’ve never seen Donnie Darko.

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