I posted this on my own personal blog today and even though it’s not music related I thought I’d share with you guys.  If you are interested in more topical discussion or just want another site to check to kill some time.  You could always check out my blog.

I don’t know what kind of medication Whoopi Goldberg must be on but apparently the side effects of the drug make her come to the defense of complete douche bags.  You may remember when she came to the defense of rapist/film director Roman Polanski.  “It wasn’t rape rape” right Whoopi.  I forgot about the far less offense that is just rape.  Anyway this time she’s come to the defense of one Mel Gibson.  Now if you haven’t listened to the Mel Gibson tapes go to radar online and check them out.  A crazier piece of audio you will not find.  The tapes are so crazy and full of racism and misogyny, amongst other things, that Whoopi felt the need to defend them.  Who’s next Whoopi?  Who will you defend next?  My guess is she comes out in defense of O.J. soon “It wasn’t murder murder”.  Heck Johnny Cochran must have been taking the same meds as Whoopi.  I never really found Whoopi to be that funny or talented.  During comic relief Billy Chrystal and Robin Williams were really the funny ones.  I guess she was good in Ghost which was a great movie.  Although it’s kind of creepy that she had to make ot with Demi Moore at the end.  Other than that I can’t really take much of her she’s un funny and clearly not that bright.  It sounds like she’s named after a Jewish practical joke.   Anyway a note to Whoopi:If you’re coming to these people’s defense because you’re friends with them maybe you should get new friends.  I’m just sayin’.

Eyebrows?  who needs eyebrows?


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