OK as you know every so often I do a list of ten songs.  Being that today is a slow day, and by slow day I mean I have nothing to post, I figured it’s be a good opportunity for another list of ten songs.  This time I put my iPod on shuffle and took down the first 10 songs it came up with.  My iPod consists of over 5,000 songs from all genres.  I have all of the music from The Peak as well as some from my college radio station.  I also DJ from time to time so I have all the music the kids are listening to these days (no Miley Cyrus or Justin Bieber  there has to be some kind of line).  I was also a metal head in high school.  All of this makes for a rather large eclectic collection and when it goes on shuffle it can literally come up with any song.  So here are the first ten songs that came up on my iPod when put on shuffle.

10. Filter – Hey Man Nice Shot – This is a good one that many thought was about Kurt Cobain.  It’s not it’s about a congressman from Pennsylvania who shot himself at a live news conference.  Ouch that’s gotta hurt.

9. J.J. Jackson – But It’s All Right – Forgot to mention I have a lot of great oldies in my collection too.  I guess it’s because my Mom used to always have music on when I was a kid.  Boy is this a tremendous departure from the last song.  That’s why I love shuffle day.

8. Iron Maiden – Flight Of Icarus – Gotta love old school Maiden.  I told you I was a metal head.

7. The Black Ghosts – Full Moon – I like this song even though it’s on the Twilight soundtrack.  Dammit why does that movie have to have such a good soundtrack.

6. Velvet Underground – Rock and Roll -“It was alllllllright”.  Yea my life was definitely saved by rock and roll.

5. Nirvana – Rape Me – If Whoopi Goldberg wrote this song it’d be called “Rape Rape Me”.  People don’t realize it’s actually about his record company and for me it makes this song that much better.

4. Kings Of Leon – Taper Jean Girl – When the Kings of Leon were more like Princes.  I know there’s a lot of backlash from people that say they sold out but I still like their stuff.

3. Gnarles Barkley – Going On – I LOVE Gnarles Barkley.  Don’t why none of their other songs ever took off but this is a good one.  Cool video too.

2. Arrested Development – Tennessee – Solid 90’s hip hop track.  Definitely a classic.

1. Terry Reid – To Be Treated – I first heard this song a couple of years ago in a movie.  It haunted me to the point where I had to research it and figure out who it was.  A great song from a relative unknown.  Haunting lyrics simply beautiful enjoy.


  • Great. I love this. I’m gonna have to attempt this too. On KOL the thing that happened was their opening for U2. They changed a lot after that.

    “how about a game of horseshoessssss?”

  • I love that Arrested Development CD…….I might have go dust it off. Remember this track off that album…….. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wyDjRd0Tjss

    I’d play too, but I just streamlined my iPod because I was sick of choosing all songs shuffle and getting something by Philip Glass, followed by Springsteen’s Santa Claus is coming to down, and then Pinhead by the Ramones. Right now, my list would be too safe, and not nearly eclectic enough.

    And Chris……..you can’t put all the blame for KOL on U2. I mean, there are reasons U2 pulled in 130 million last year, even after cancelled shows. They make pretty good music. Still. As opposed to…… “You know that I could uuuuuuuuuuuseeeee somebodeeeeeeee!!!!!”

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