So it seems a few people were upset by my last post. That’s cool I hope you still keep checking back though. I started thinking maybe we should establish some ground rules for attacking Coach. The main rule for attacking Coach is keep it short. I have a 5th grade reading level, as you can tell by those typos in the response, and it took me an hour and a half to read both of those responses. Come on guys it hurts my brain. In the future keep it short and just call me a dick right away I’d appreciate it. Well I guess that’s basically the only ground rule just try not to get too personal and talk about my weight (I’m big boned!) or my mama (I love my mama!). Everything else is fair game. I like the back and forth it’s good and I respect it if done properly so props to the two Jakob Dylan fans. ┬áMore to come on this great Friday.

Hey I said I was Big Boned!

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