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Ladder fail. WTF is with that lady laughing at him too?!  Seriously.  Best quote “Now it’s locked in place….”.

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Music Video Of The Day

OK we'll do another cheesy 80's video today, lord knows there's certainly enough to go around.  Today it's Thomas Dolby's "She Blinded Me With Science".  I think you


Ten Songs

This edition of Ten Songs is going to get all of our anger out once and for all.  It's Ten Songs and the category is angry songs.  That's

Songs I Love: The Whigs

It's Friday. It's upbeat time so for the "Songs I Love" post I'll stay with a driving song again. I played this song in January and


Johnny Rotten Hates U2

Well this shouldn't come as a big shock but John Lydon or Johnny Rotten or whatever he calls himself now thinks U2 should have never existed. Ouch


How to Attack Coach

So it seems a few people were upset by my last post. That's cool I hope you still keep checking back though. I started thinking maybe