We’ve been listening to 220 shows worth of NEXT. Let’s just say I average 13 songs played in my hour. 220 times 13 is 2,860 songs. Holy balls….Hopefully you have found a new favorite song or two since we’ve begun this musical journey.

I am usually working forward. I am always looking at the next Next. In fact, sometimes people ask me what was on last week’s show and I can’t think of a single song because I’m already getting next week done. So I’m taking a quick, unscientific look at NEXT. I have my favorites but let’s look at the most downloaded shows out there. What are the kids into? What are your favorites?

What are the most downloaded shows?

Number 5: Week 214

Number 4: Week 212

Number 3: Week 211

Number 2: Week 208

Number 1 Downloaded show is Week 205

Looking over that list I see mostly current shows. Dig back and enjoy some of the older shows too. Like week 185 or Week 180. Also interesting is there is only one “Best of Show” on that list and that would be show #1 week 205. Maybe my “best of’s” aren’t the best?

Discuss. Enjoy.


  • Hey Bro! I’m downloading as many as I can. Got a lot of catching up to do – LOVED show 219 (first one I downloaded) especially the first 2 songs! Keep bringing ’em on!

  • I like hearing that. Plus my South African number improve each time you visit. It’s always weird seeing SA in the top 10 countries that visit the website.

  • So I’m a little late, whatever… I don’t even remember what I was searching for when I stumbled across you on Twitter, but I gotta say Next has made my iTunes exponentially more interesting. Plus, automatic playlists when I’m too lazy – score!

  • Hey Dawn. Welcome Next. We love music lovers here. Please let us know when you find a tune you love. I love hearing that. Also don’t be afraid to call out a tune you thought was sub-par. Don’t forget to vote each week too.

    Thanks for listening and enjoy your Friday.

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