OK if your’re like me and fall asleep at the mere mention of Colbie Caillat’s name than try to wake up. It appears she’s putting out a 3rd album and if she wasn’t annoying enough this time Daddy’s helping her! Yay thanks Dad! Her Dad is a big record producer. Gee I wonder how she has a career? Anyway the real reason I’m posting this is because it’s fun making fun of Colbie even though she’s kind of cute. I find most people hate her. So have at it in the comments! Bash away!

is it me? or is a still photo of her far more tolerable than her singing.


  • anytime someone writes and/or sings the line

    It starts in my toes
    and I crinkle my nose

    you lose. Game over.

  • True that is a good photo though. Still not forgiven for that song. Also still can’t believe I had to announce that song on the radio. It still pains me to this day.

  • I don’t hate her. I think she’s basically a non-issue, don’t give her much thought. But if there’s anything to be said for her… it’s nice to see she writes her own music. that’s ….something… right?

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