It’s too hot in my house to sleep, so I figured that I’d share what I am crazy about music wise at the moment. (This is Megan for all those wondering)

For the last six months, I have fallen hard for this band called Cold Cave. They sound like a gloomy New Order with shoegaze tendencies (listen to the song “Life Magazine” and you’ll understand what I mean), but mostly the term dark wave comes to mind when I listen to them. It’s dark and energetic. You might actually want to get up and dance!

I’ve known about this band since early 2008, because I’m a huge fan of the man who started the band as a side project. I’ll put it this way – Wes Eisold is a genius. He’s a poet (it’s impossible to get a copy of his limited-released book Deathbeds) and is the former lead singer of two amazing, brutal hardcore bands. His first band was originally called American Nightmare but then had to re-title themselves as Give Up the Ghost. Unfortunately, they broke up in 2004.  From 2002 until the band’s demise in 2007, Wes was also in the band Some Girls. If you want to hear a total musical 360, after you check out Cold Cave, go check out his old bands and be prepared to be shocked.

Back in the spring of 2008, I heard a few of demos by Cold Cave and was impressed, but at the time it all sounded too gloomy and was lacking something melodically. I figured “Eh I’ll keep this band on my radar for later.” The year 2009 was a musical blur for me and I forgot about the band until January 2010. I heard a few songs from their debut album and was surprised. It wasn’t like my mind was blown, but I fell in love.

With that in mind, here is the video for the album-titled track “Love Comes Close.”

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