OK I was thinking about this this morning. It’s time for me to call someone out on being a complete D-bag. First off let me state that the views and opinions expressed in this post are not necessarily those of Chris Bro, Or 107.1 The Peak. Now that that’s out of the way let’s get right into it. Last Saturday was the Pleasantville Music Fest and the main headliner was none other than Bob Dylan’s son. Ooops I’m sorry he doesn’t want people referring to the fact that he is, in fact, the son of a rock legend. Bob Dylan’s kid was scheduled to perform around 8pm. He was somewhere on the grounds in a private trailer all day while everything was going on. He appeared back stage about 10 minutes before he went on and then bee lined toward the stage. I’m not saying the guy’s got to hang out all day but he could come out an hour before he goes on an schmooze a little. Kevin Bacon was back there for a couple of hours and he couldn’t have been more gracious. He took pictures with people, signed autographs and just chatted with some people from the station and fans that were back there. Rusted Root was another band that was great with everyone. Bob Dylan’s kid on the other hand couldn’t be bothered. He just had to focus on his performance. OK since Bob Dylan’s son (I’d like to see a blood test) wants to focus on his performance let’s go ahead and do that. Let’s focus on the horrendous music that he played from his lack luster solo album. I thought for a minute I was listening to a Dixie Chicks album. A more boring album I can not imagine. The whole thing was boring. He makes Colbie Caillat look like David Lee Roth. With the eight hours he spent in his trailer you’d think he’d have some kind of energy. They started passing out pillows in the crowd it was such a snooze fest. Then to top it all off he didn’t even close with “One Headlight”. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!! He HAS to play that song it’s the whole reason why we let him play his bad solo album for an hour. Nope instead for an encore he played quite possibly the worst song I had heard all day. I hate to go off like this…who am I kidding I love going off like this and this guy deserves it. Maybe I’m being too harsh.  Maybe I should have been honored because I was in the presence of the great spawn of Bob Dylan. Quite frankly I’d be surprised if ol’ Bob even remembered Jakob was his kid. OK I think I’m done did I cover everything? Let’s see Bob Dylan’s kid’s music sucks and he’s a tremendous douche bag. Yep that’s everything.

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  • Wow. Excellent rant. Too bad I wasn’t there, so I cannot comment one way or the other on his performance, but are there any extenuating circumstances to his antisocial behavior? Was he exhausted from personally driving the trailor overnight from Kansas or somewhere? Is he painfully shy? Does he know the album sucks and didn’t want to talk about it before the show? Was he watching the house marathon on Bravo? Twittering? WHAT WAS HE SOOOOO BUSY DOING ALL DAY???? As for his on-stage presence, was he, at least, social with the crowd during the performance? Do those who work with him seems to like him? Any lightheartedness to him or is he one of those painfully dark, tortured artists? Wow, lots of questions that I really don’t care about the answer to. Sorry it sucked for you. I’ll know to skip him next time he’s around.

  • @Kate: Social with the crowd?!! LOL he was an even bigger douche, he told us to stop taking flash photography! Dick! There I said it.

  • haha good call Lou I completely forgot about that otherwise I would have mentioned that too. I could see if it’s a small acoustic session in a room of about 10 but how can you tell a crown of 5000 people not to take pictures! Solid point Lou.

  • after the first or second song, I turned to my husband and said, it really seems like he doesn’t want to be here. One of his backup singers, who really did have a lovely voice, said it was the last stop of their tour, so maybe he was already checked out and this was like a charity stop for him. Rusted Root was a tough act to follow – full of energy, connecting with the crowd. Hell, all of the acts before him were awesome! People were packing up and leaving during Bob Dylan’s son’s set.

  • I would take your “Rusted Root is hard to follow” comment as something to mull over but JD or his band didn’t know that. They weren’t there to realize that they needed to bring their A game. Hell the Bacon Bros probably should have closed but I did like them where they were in the day.

  • Since “Bringing down the Horse” was one of the first CD’s I bought (instead of recording songs on cassettes off the radio) – I feel obliged to defend Jacob Dylan . . . Nah . . . actually i can’t. You have to at least play “One Head Light” Did he play “6th Avenue Heart Ache?”

  • Whew…based on previous reports from some of my other music lovin’ friends, we left prior to his set. Now I’m happy we did. Don’t hold back Coach! Tell us how you feel! 🙂

  • This is Jakob Dylan’s second solo album. Both of which have a wealth of beautiful material. I don’t know, maybe you have to have a musical ear to appreciate it. The fact that you’re bitching that he didn’t play One Headlight kind of proves you have no idea what you’re talking about. Women & Country (his latest album) is in such a different vein than the Wallflowers. In fact, it’s in a different vein than his first solo album which was strictly acoustic. Don’t get me wrong, I like the Wallflowers, but most of their songs are more “radio” than Jakob’s solo stuff. He usually plays one or two Wallflowers’ songs at most of his shows and somehow manages to make them fit with the rest of the set. He does a version of Three Marlenas on this tour that really utilizes the backup singers and pedal steel guitar in his current band. So going by your snobbery, I would guess you wouldn’t like it since it doesn’t sound like “radio” music.

    I do want to clear up your ridiculous mis-conceptions. I have been to many Wallflowers and Jakob Dylan shows over the years and after each and every show (that I’ve been to), he signs autographs and takes pictures with every fan that waits for him after the show. Last summer before a Wallflower concert, my sister and I were walking from the parking lot to the venue and we had to walk by his tour bus. He walked out just as I walked by and it caught me by so much surprise, I think he guessed that I was a fan. He took a picture with me and talked with my sister and I for a bit. A little bit later he walked through the front door of the venue to do the sound check. He saw my sister and I were the only ones in line, three hours early, and invited us inside to watch the sound check. So maybe you can excuse my fangirl-ness but Jakob cemented me as a life long fan with that gesture.

    I was at a show on this most recent tour and this woman down in front would not stop taking flash pictures. It was obnoxious to the rest of the audience, I couldn’t imagine how blinding it would be for the people on stage who are trying to perform. It comes down to etiquette. If you must use your flash when shooting someone on stage, take it between songs or when the musician is looking in a different direction.

    At one show I went to, Jakob noticed my camera out but I was being respectful and not taking pictures that he would notice. He motioned for me to take his picture, and then posed for me. All this between verses of your favorite song, One Headlight. I’ve seen him pose for pictures for many fans while on stage.

    He also has great banter with his audiences. He’s seems more of an introvert so he opens up more when the venue is smaller. He’s a genuinely nice guy.

    As for the “Bob Dylan’s son” crap, you look so ignorant. Have you actually read any interviews that Jakob Dylan has done? He has no problem talking about his dad. What he didn’t want was to rely on his father’s name in the very beginning of his career. He’s a pretty private person so any questions about Bob Dylan as a father were pretty intrusive. I wouldn’t want to answer personal questions to a media outlet about my parents either and I’m not even famous.

    He wanted to do things on his band’s name alone and let the music speak for itself. How that is douchey, I don’t know. I think it’s pretty admirable. Would you have more respect for him if he had named his band Jakob Dylan and the Wallflowers? Did interview after interview while namedropping his dad? Really? Because, what’s the alternative? He’s been asked some pretty rude things by journalists about his dad, even recently, and answers the questions with such eloquence and respect.

    You seem so angry. Calm the fuck down. What did the guy do to you to deserve such weak “journalism” and obvious jealousy that he’s out there making music while you blog about other people living your dream.

  • Ina, I don’t attempt to answer for Coach, I’m sure he can do that well on his own. 🙂

    But I’m just wondering if you were at the show on Saturday? I think that’s where this is all stemming from, his performance at this one particular show on Saturday. While your past experience sounds great, that certainly wasn’t the case this past weekend, which was my first time seeing him and you know the saying, you only get one chance to make a good first impression. I didn’t go in with any expectations, considering he wasn’t the main reason I was there. I wasn’t looking for autographs or to see him walking around the grounds (like the other bands did.) But I did expect heart, warmth, a general feeling that the performer wants to be there and is connecting with the audience. I didn’t get that, and I’m not the only one. I appreciate the good experiences you had but for us, this really wasn’t one of them.

  • Thanks, Ina for offering some other perspective here. I have had similar experiences with Jakob and find this Coach’s rant very difficult to swallow. I am 100% positive that he did not arrive at the grounds early and sit in a stupor in his trailer for 8 hours. That is simply not true. It is also not true that he didn’t seem uninterested to be there. But it is true that Jakob doesn’t jump around and beg people to listen to him and enjoy the music. He is clearly an artist who believes his music speaks for itself. If you don’t appreciate the music, then maybe it’s not for you. His lyrics are brilliant and introspective. Maybe the big objection here is he makes you think. Finally, I found him quite charming on Saturday and my wife is still swooning and talking about things he said. For “Coach” to offer all these insults just because he didn’t play One Headlight seems…well, ignorant and insulting. One Headlight is fine, but it’s a Wallflowers song. Someone said Counting Crows sing Mr. Jones but Jakob wasn’t with The Wallflowers. I’m pretty sure “Coach” is a little out of touch with music these days and for some reason his rant, which is both insulting and inaccurate, is the only way he can vent his frustrations. For the rest of you, instead of swallowing everything “Coach” rants, you should pick up a copy of Women + Country and let the music speak for itself. Not all musicians need to jump around and smash guitars to demonstrate their talent.

  • Ina I wish we had half the Dylan you’ve seen. OK Bob’s little boy had an off night. We all do.

    Vince I’ve heard the cd (hell I’ve heard a lot of cds) and it’s not his strongest. Not by a long shot. I don’t mind thinking during a song either. Really I guess part of the problem was that the bands through out the day were in the “outdoor fest – let’s have fun” mode and Jakob well he wasn’t. It was “like it or go home” In fact, if it was his last show I’m sure all he wanted to do was go home. I don’t blame him. The road is tough. I get it but people paid money to see him and has wait for him to play his music too.

    Also some of my all time favorite concerts are from band/singers that don’t “jump around and break stuff” Lyle Lovett is still one of my all time favorites live. I’ve seen him numerous times and he amazes. He, like this JD cd, isn’t rocking. He makes you think too. I actually just smiled to myself thinking about Lyle “rocking”. Ha funny.

    Hell Ben Folds solo in concert rocks hard. All he plays is a bloody piano.

    I could go on but if you listen to any show of NEXT you’ll quickly find out I love music, all music. I listen to everything and have seen so very many concerts. I know a good one and I know an un-good one.

  • Wow for starters I’m glad you guys have spent so much time reading and responding to my post. I really do thank you for reading. Obviously it struck a nerve with the two members of the Jakob Dylan fan club. Thanks for devoting so much time to me as it truly makes me feel good. Even if you did devote that much time in bashing me I guess I’ll take it. I don’t know maybe mommy didn’t love me enough as a kid but that’s for me to work out in therapy. Let me address a few things first. You’re calling what I saw first hand inaccurate. Neither of you were backstage and saw what I saw. The fact is I watched him show up ten minutes before he was supposed to go on and make a bee line for the stage. It happened right in front of me. I was sitting down, probably eating as usual, at the table right behind the stage. I was back there all day so no he didn’t sneak in when I wasn’t looking to say hi. It would have been fine if he had blown us away with a great performance but when people in the crowd start packing up and leaving while a person is playing what does that say? So FACT: he showed up 10 minutes before he went on stage and FACT: people left while he was playing. Your past experiences sound cool but it would be pretty tough, for even the biggest jerk, to walk past the only person in line for them at a show 3 hours before it starts. Not calling him a jerk just saying it’d be tough. My question is why the heck were you there 3 hours early? I mean c’mon I know you’re a fan but it’s Jakob Dylan. But I get it you’re a fan so that’s cool. As for the pictures thing I didn’t bring it up in my post someone else made the comment and I do see how it could be annoying in a small venue, maybe like the one Ina sounded like she saw him in, to have flash photography. I get it, especially in a small venue, but not at a festival crowd. Obviously it bothered people in the audience which I didn’t realize until the comments on this page. I also happened to speak with someone who saw him on this tour, I believe in Hartford, who said they had a similar experience. I wasn’t at that show though so I won’t speak of it much but it appears many people felt the same way I did. As for the Bob Dylan’s Son thing here’s another fact. I’ve known people that have interviewed him in the past and one of the pre requisites was that they don’t bring up the Bob Dylan thing. The only argument you could make there is that the people I know did interview him a long time ago, at the height of his fame, so it is possible that he has loosened up a bit I will say that to be fair. Another fact is I stood there as he came off stage and watched the concert promoter beg him to go back on for an encore as the crowd that was left was clapping waiting for one. It almost took a team of state troopers to get him back on the stage.

    Listen we could go back and forth on this forever but all I’m saying is the behavior and the performance, both of which I witnessed first hand, were not good and ho hum respectively. For the amount he got paid, and I know how much it was, he should have been arrested for robbery. It was the last stop on his tour and he mailed it in. Rusted Root, The Bacon Bros , and Carney blew him off the stage that day day bottom line. You are right though his music made me think and I thought “Boy is this not good”. So no need to insult or curse. This is a family blog. Wait no it’s not. This totally isn’t a family blog I mean I have a picture of a box of douche for God’s sake. Ehh so maybe you can curse I don’t know what the rules are but I’m just calling it like I see it as honestly I as I can. That’s all I can do and that’s all I’ll ever do. I never claimed to be a journalist by any means. I’m just a regular guy with an opinion and a love for music. I’m just a bum and proud of it.

    As for some of the other stuff you guys directed at me specifically here’s what I have to say to that. Ina how dare you accuse me of being a journalist. I’m definitely not a journalist nor do I consider this journalism. I find it insulting you lump me in with the media. You called me snob when in fact I think I’m exactly the opposite. I just called myself a bum and that hardly sounds snobiish to me. A snob would be someone who shows up ten minutes before they go on and tells people no photos. Or someone who calls other people snobs because they have a different taste in music and a difference in opinion. I was also called angry. OK you might have a point there. But hey I had to sit through an hour of Jakob Dylan mailing it in; I got frustrated. Also more stuff I have to work out in therapy. I was also accused of being “out of touch with music these days” by Vince. You own both of Jakob Dylan’s solo albums and I’m the one that’s out of touch with music? hmmm interesting. Vince you also called my rant insulting and inaccurate. In my opinion his attitude and his performance both sucked. It’s my opinion. Some people share that opinion and they’re not “swallowing” everything I rant. I posted my opinion and it struck a nerve with people that were at the show that’s all. So don’t attack or put down other people because they don’t share the same opinion as you. They have just as much a right to their opinion as you do yours. In closing thanks for reading and bashing me. I don’t hate you in fact I respect you. If you or any of my readers disagree with me feel free to take me to task for it. Just next time if you could do me one favor. I hate reading things that are so long so in the future if you guys could just get to the point and call me a dick right away that’d be great thanks.

  • Question. How come no one came to Colbie Caillat’s defense? Not only did I trash her in the post before but I even insulted her in this one when it was totally uncalled for. What does that say about her?

  • I was actually at the show, and I don’t know what show Coach saw, but Jakob Dylan’s set was the best and most professional. He didn’t blow out our ears like Rusted Root did (and I’m sorry but all the Rusted Root songs sounded alike). Obviously you don’t like Jakob Dylan (from all the son of Bob comments it’s pretty obvious) but if you really feel with all the songs Jakob Dylan has that he MUST play One Headlight, then your more unsophisticated than your posts seem to prove. And anyone who left before Jakob Dylan’s set, then you missed the best set of the night and that’s unfortunate.

  • For the record I had no feelings one way or the other about Jakob going into the show. Also for the record I’m extremely unsophisticated. Clearly only sophisticated and intelligent people are the only ones who are able to appreciate Jakob Dylan. Maybe that’s why no one buys his music anymore. Not enough Ivy leaguers out there. Also I’m sorry if the music was too loud for you at a rock concert. Good to see Jakob lulled you back to sleep though. He’s washed up and everyone knows it let’s get real. I feel an artist is obliged to play his hits. I know someone who saw James Brown one time play “I Feel Good” twice in one night. James brown had a far bigger catalog than Jakob ever will. You make a good argument though Jakob was good because he was nice and quiet and I suck because I didn’t like him.

  • It’s so interesting to me that a blog that is “just my opinion” that includes insults is fine but a response that questions some of the ‘facts’ that are in the blog (that the headliner was in his trailer on the grounds for 8 hours before the show — which, by the way, was ‘dropped’ in Coach’s oh-so-eloquent defense of his rant) is unfair and defensive and shows Coach struck a nerve. Why is it only Coach can have an opinion that ‘matters’ and responses are obvious from ‘lovers’ and ‘hard core fans’ who are out of touch with what ‘really happened.’ Geez give it up! We had different experiences. My wife and I loved the set. You didn’t. That doesn’t give your blog rant priority because you’re incensed and we’re not. Coach offers personal and professional insults and slanders against someone and for me to question Coach shows defensiveness. Geez, grow some skin. Your opinion counts as one and it’s not articulate, intelligent, reasoned, or consistent with mine or many people around me. It’s “just another point of view” Coach — you don’t like people who don’t do things like YOU want them to, do you?

  • At least you kept it shorter this time Vince thanks. I still don’t know what exactly you’re arguing. Are you saying Jakob Dylan didn’t stay in his trailer? and that he was friendly that day? Were you backstage? As for his set you’re entitled to your opinion as we all are but you can honestly say you know what went on backstage? None of this is slander by the way I didn’t say anything that wasn’t true or opinion. Also I hope this doesn’t effect your view about the rest of this site it’s a great place to find new music so even if you hate me come back and check Chris’ site. He’s a good guy and a good source for all new music. No I don’t run the rest of the site so you won’t be supporting me by checking out the rest of it.

  • I was at Saturday night’s performance and I thought Jakob was wonderful. Yes,he did ask us to tone down the flash photography but he did it in a gentle,humorous manner. I got the feeling that he is a shy sort of person who is totally into his music. I found him to be excellent,loved his songs. As far as people packing up during his set,that is standard at the Festival that many people leave during the last performance. Referring to him as Bob Dylan’s kid is very insulting. He is more than just the son of a famous person. He is artist in his own right

  • thanks for coming back Vince and checking up on things. Appreciated.

    Now have you listened to a Next show yet?

  • Oh and thanks Mary. Glad you liked the show and thought it was wonderful.

    I am sure in some circles I’m still John Bro’s kid.

    Now go listen to a Next show and find a new favorite song. You might even find something better than the new Dylan. Honestly.

  • My Papa. I’m John Bro’s kid.

    So have you listened yet? Interested in your feedback Mary and Vince.

  • you’re not interested in my feedback, very disingenuine. I’m interested in reading responses from others about the show, not in anything you’ve got to say or recommend. Wow, for a guy who ‘seems so smart’ it’s shocking you don’t get what I’m saying. You have an opinion. It’s worth nothing. When you take a soapbox and preach it like it’s true and irrefutable, it’s insulting and slanderous. You can say things that are critical and that’s fine (in fact I have as others have as well), but to insult and say things that aren’t true (Dylan called it in, didn’t want to be there, stayed in trailer for 8 hours, got angry at the crowd) is not only bad journalism, it’s false. When you stoop to insults (referring to him as Bob’s son, etc.), it’s slanderous. No, I wasn’t back stage and you’ll notice that I didn’t take on that part of your claim. I did take on the other parts, though, and yes, I know for a fact that he wasn’t there 8 hours in a trailer. My guess is that he didn’t shake your hand and ingratiate himself to you and THAT is what ticked you off, so everything that came after was seen negatively. I imagine he’s got a radar on him that’s a pretty great crap detector and he can tell when people are fans or just want to report on how “Bob’s kid” shook his hand. I think you need to get over it and quit making global claims and speaking for everyone who was there and just own it: he walked by you without stopping to kiss your ass. I’m starting to see my wife’s point on this whole thing: he’s one damn cool cat.

  • I guess I could mind my business, but, what the heck, I’m going on vacation tomorrow so here goes…

    For starters, Coach, kudos to you on garnering 30 (and counting?) comments on a blog post. It shows people are reading, and more importantly, cared enough, positively or negatively, to invest time in writing a response. As far as blogs go, that’s pretty good.

    As for Vince, if you are going to question someone’s sophiscation or intelligence, you should know who you are talking to/about, so you don’t look like an ass yourself. Coach is the writer of the blog, which is being hosted on Chris Bro’s website. A blog is not journalism (that is not intended as an insult), but rather an online commentary piece of writing. In other words, it’s completely personal and subjective. Chris Bro, also referred to as Chris above, is the host of the Next Music Show on 107.1 the Peak, airing on Wed nights at 11 and again on Sundays at 8. You can also listen to his show online, download it, but then again, I’m kind of assuming you know all this because otherwise, how did you get here? (Did you google Next Music? 🙂 Anyway, Chris Bro is very passionate about music, very gracious and humble and when he asks you what you think about the hour of new music he handspicks for his show, he is completely geniune. I often listen live on Wed nights then comment on each song on FB with a group of other people, including Chris. While most songs I love, there are some that are just not my thing. And that’s okay. So check it out sometime and join in the conversation; there’s a whole world outside of Jakob Dylan and his boring performances. 😉

  • Oh you thought I wasn’t used to loud music at a rock show…an insult intended to wound, but really made me bust out laughing. Or maybe that’s what this blog was for, a good laugh!!Seriously, now I see where all the dislike of Jakob came from…he’s not willing to kiss your ass or play One Headlight. boo hoo. That’s all you had to say from the start. Next time, try to spice up your blog with something a little more exciting.

  • Got you excited Reality check 😉 Thanks for taking the time out to read and respond even if you do hate me forever. You could still check out the rest of this site for good content.

  • Lisa nice of you to defend Chris but it doesn’t seem like he needs it, he’s pretty capable of insulting just about anyone who disagrees with him. As for how great of a guy he is, sorry, I let him speak for himself. Anyone who is “so intelligent” and “so sophisticated” about music doesn’t need to hit below the belt. That’s what Chris “insightful commentary” (‘just my opinion’) piece did and it reeked of someone who is upset ‘cos he didn’t get the VIP treatment or hear the song he wanted to, which is more like my 17 year old brother than a music professional. Have a nice vacation. I’m going on mine now too.

  • Vince I think what Lisa is pointing out is that I’m not Chris. I’m Coach I’m the one who’s stupid and unsophisticated. Chris on the other hand is a great guy. We’re two different people and Chris has excellent content on the rest of the site for everyone to enjoy.

  • I can talk for myself and I shall.

    Vince you lost all credibility once you wrote “you’re (Me/Chris Bro) not interested in my feedback, very disingenuine. I’m interested in reading responses from others about the show, not in anything you’ve got to say or recommend.”

    All I asked you was to listen to the show and let me know what you think. How dare a new music show ask you to actually listen to his show. I’m almost as shocked as you. Oh and “Reality Check” might want to check out the show too. Expand your musical horizons. Be not afraid. You might find another “cool cat” to love.

    If you bothered to check on my site or my Facebook updates you would notice that I respond to every comment. Good or bad. So who is acting like a 17 year old? Do a bit of homework please. Although why bother it’s much easier to jump to conclusions. Right Vince?

    You are a troll. I get that. So just don’t come back because “all you care about is poor JD’s rep”. I bet he is truly happy you got his back.

    I’ve seen some of my favorite bands in concert and they have sucked. Worse than JD the other day. They sucked I moved on but guess what I’ve told people about those times too. I have yet to run into a “Vince” that takes it as some personal attack on them or their good taste. There is a first time though. Congrats Vince.

    I really want you to think about every band that played that night. Honestly think about how they performed and acted toward the crowd. I know this is a lot to ask but please try. If you still feel the same way that’s cool. Seriously. Glad you came away with a happy, happy smiley time.

    I, too, remember my younger days when my world view was simple. Black or White. Left or Right. It’s easy. It’s simple. No thinking involved. Just remember how I felt the day before and do it again. No need to think about new information or someone else’s POV. I get it!!! to you Jakob Dylan is gold and no one is going to ask you to think of it in any other way.

    NOW GO LISTEN TO A SHOW and let me know what you think.

  • Just imagine if someone had written this about Bruce Springsteen?

    Oh wait what’s this. Lookie what I found.
    I actually ripped Bruce in a blog one time after what I thought was an incredibly poor show… http://adjix.com/zqqw

  • I met up with Jakob in the parking lot after his show in Woodstock New York, and it was seriously like hangin with an old friend, the guy is so unassuming, and has a heart as big as the whole wide world, timid yes, douchbag no.

  • I went to school with Jakob and I can confirm that he’s a total jerk. He was a womanizer, anti-social and had a Doors cover band. He stormed out whenever a song of his father’s came on the radio. I actually just did a search for “Jakob Dylan is a jerk” because I was watching the outtakes from Wetlands Preserved (about the club Wetlands Preserve) and the outtakes contain a scene in which Larry Bloch describes Dylan coming to the club to see one of the Wallflowers’ first performances. Jakob told Larry “no Dylan songs to be played,” Larry interpreted that to mean “no Dylan songs played by Dylan” and played someone covering a Dylan song that he thought was appropriate for the occasion. According to Larry, Jakob ranted and raged about it and refused to forgive him. I wouldn’t even believe the anecdote, except that was the sort of behavior I witnessed years before that when we were in college together.

  • Jakob Dylan sucks…Booooring. Been washed up since 2000. So I’m not surprised his show sucked. Good Review

  • This whole thing amounts to “he didn’t come out and talk to us what an asshole.” Maybe he just didn’t want to? Why does your desire to meet someone famous for a few minutes outweigh his desire to live his life how he wants? There’s always going to be one more fan who wants to meet you. Not everything is about you and you’re not entitled to happiness. If Kevin Bacon is more gregarious and outgoing, then that’s cool, but that doesn’t make JD your servant.

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