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Cool Band on a Warm Night

It’s too hot in my house to sleep, so I figured that I’d share what I am crazy about music wise at the moment. (This is Megan for all those wondering) For the last six months, I have fallen hard […]

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Music Video Of The Day

Today's video of the day is from the 90's. It's one of my favorite 90's one hit wonders. It's The Primitive Radio Gods with "Standing Outside


Coach Calls Out Jakob Dylan

OK I was thinking about this this morning. It's time for me to call someone out on being a complete D-bag. First off let me state


Daddy Helping Colbie Caillat

OK if your're like me and fall asleep at the mere mention of Colbie Caillat's name than try to wake up. It appears she's putting out a

Most Downloaded

We've been listening to 220 shows worth of NEXT. Let's just say I average 13 songs played in my hour. 220 times 13 is 2,860 songs.

Cover Song

I've had a copy of this cover song for a while. It's one of my favorites. This cover is Ray LaMontagne doing Gnarles Barkley's "Crazy".

Good Song……..I Think

Came across a video the other day and I'm still trying to decide if it was good or not. It's Peter Murphy with a song called "A

Greatest. Charity. Event. EVER.

or file under: Why didn't I think of this? This is the definition of a win-win situation. It's for charity. Your car gets "clean" and