You missed a glorious night.

Thanks to Jeff at Q for everything, Daria Musk for the music, Ten Feet Deep for more music and Next listeners for breaking up their busy weeks to hang out for a bit.

Good people, Good place to hang out plus free acoustic music, free beer and food (yes I picked up the bill and no that wouldn’t happen every time) and free CDs. The range of topics of conversations varied from dating a Mormon, early 70’s heroin, recording sessions, the 2010 World Cup, branding in the digital age and more…I told you it was a magical night. Sorry glorious. Hopefully see you at the next happy hour. Late August. Does the 24th work?

Daria’s info

Ten Feet Deep

I will leave you with a comment on the Next facebook page in regards to this night
and I quote Steven Wright-Mark
Indeed — a great time. Thanks Chris (and Daria and TFD). But I’ll “cross the line” and suggest that those who don’t make the next one, well…you’ll be sorry. I mean…cool place, good food, cold beer, live impromptu acoustic performances by awesome artists, and great people. Oh, did I mention CDs? Yeah. Just sayin’…


  • Great night! Thank you, Chris! Daria and Ten Feet Deep were a real treat. Can’t wait to check out my new cds – and if anyone got mine, let me know what you think 🙂

  • Very fun night……thanks for everything, Chris.

    Now about the CD covers…….I don’t stand a chance. I think the one I took has a real peacock feather on it, and it is tastefully displayed. I have no spatial skills. I’m doomed.

    But, the music has been alright. I made a Grooveshark mix of my three Next Mixed CD playlists, and its not bad.

    Now, on to the CD’s I grabbed last night……..

  • I grabbed a couple of CDs last night (I brought two…) I don’t know who put together the Originals and Covers CD but I loved it! Just finished listening to it – some of the songs I hadn’t even realized were covers. So kudos to the creator

  • OK,

    So another reason to appreciate these nights….

    Last go around i grabbed two great CD’s, made by listeners whose tastes I share (Coach and Lisa). Love the CD’s, and still listen to them. That is, when my wife hasn’t stolen them and put them in her car.

    Last night…..completely different CD. Music from a local guitarist, Stephen Murphy (the peacock feather CD). Very skillful, a little outside of the typical Next sound, but really, really cool. Now help me, in the midst of me crossing the line and generally making too much noise……..did I meet Stephen Murphy? I’d like to say thanks.

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