Well if there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that Beatles fans tend to be a touchy bunch. I learned this the hard way when I told one I preferred the Rolling Stones over The Beatles and received a 20 minute lecture on how the Beatles were the ones who discovered the Stones (not even sure if that’s true) followed by a punch in the face. Well now Beatle fans are upset at Lady Gaga seemingly because she dared to play a white piano in a picture. I guess I don’t know about this because I’m too young but apparently John Lennon played a white piano too. So I think the logic is John Lennon was awesome and played a white piano. Then John Lennon died prematurely (sad face). So now no one can ever play a white piano ever again. John also wore sunglasses and married a crazy Asian woman so there’ll be none of that either. Your retinas have Mark David Chapman to thank for the added exposure to UV rays. I’m not saying all Beatles fans are crazy just the ones that show up in Central Park and jump up and down and play songs every time one of them dies. Unless of course you’re one of those people and you read this blog and go to this site. Then you get a pass you’re cool. Anyway sorry guys but I’m taking Lady Gaga’s side on this. I’m going to go back now and spend the rest of my day trying to figure out if Lady Gaga is hot or not. Quick poll: Who wins in a hot body weird face contest? Lady Gaga or Sarah Jessica Parker? Also Beatles or Stones?  Let me know in the comments.

Screw you Beatles fans!!


  • Great post and to answer your questions. Weird Face goes to Gaga. Q #2. Beatles best band ever. Stones best “rock n roll” band ever. If I had to pick one it’s the Beatles.
    Double Rainbow all the way.

  • You know, in theory, I’m with Gaga on this one too, except for the fact that I have yet to see one completely original thing come from her. Her music, lyrics, “shocking videos and fashion” – it’s all been done. Yawwnnn….

    I think I’m going with Beatles in your poll

  • I like Lady gaga. Even though her music isn’t my thing I think it’s refreshing to see someone break the cookie cutter pop mold. You can say a lot of things have been done before. But can you say anyone’s ever worn a machine gun bra? Machine gun bra = Brilliant

  • On the issue of the white piano, I think you would have to look at in terms a Stones fan would understand. It really is about the integrity of art. When a musician does something innovative, and even spectacular, it should be viewed as sacred. For example, what if it were Mick Jagger she was ripping it off? I mean, wouldn’t it just piss you off if she incorporated a little of this into her act:


    Am I wrong? Some performances should never be imitated.

  • Haha oh man that’s a terrible video. None of that should ever be incorporated into anything. I see your point but I look at it this way. At least she recognizes Lennon and the Beatles where some of these other people have understanding of what came before them. Thanks for reading man.

  • Thanks for writing….a fun start to things.

    I actually think Lady Gaga is pretty talented, but doesn’t make music that is to my tastes. And her act isn’t original….she’s every bit the irreverent sensationalist Madonna was, just with machine guns (although arguably the fembots of Austin Powers were the trailblazers there).

    As for Stones vs. Beatles……to me the Stones musical journey started with derivative music and ended with bad music, and Jagger has the least impressive voice of any lead man currently in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. They had some good tunes along the way, but when I started developing my musical tastes, I was watching videos like the one I linked…..and it sort of colored things a bit. I’m not a Beatles nut, but I think they are an infinitely better band.

  • How dare you make such a solid argument! I don’t like this. OK from now on new rule for the Coach’s corner Coach is always right no matter what.

  • So I got there a little late but I’m assuming there wasn’t any kind of bar brawling before I got there? 😉

    Coach, eventually I’ll introduce myself LOL I think I’ve seen you at 3 events now and haven’t really gotten a chance to say hello. Not intentional! Next time… In the meantime, I’ll be checking out your Corner

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