Hi everyone! Some of you may now me from my guest DJ spots on the site. My real Name is Chris Rod but everyone seems to call me Coach. Why you ask? It’s a long story that started in college, more on that later. I work with Chris at The Peak. You may even have heard me on the air at 3am or when the 3rd substitute DJ can’t make it in. Let me give you a heads up on what to expect before we get into this (this feels like prom all over again). Everyday I’ll be posting 2-3 things some music related some not. Should be fun either way and hey let’s face it you’re not doing anything at work anyway. I’ll be putting even more content on my own blog so you could check that out too. That’s at www.chrisrodblog.com . I’ll be at the CD exchange tonight to meet all of you in person so come on out. Hope I keep you entertained. Stay tuned as I’ll be posting something for you in a little bit. Thanks

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